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i am an avid modder of parts but i haven't really done anything code based bt i am trying to tackle an upcoming issue, LoFi has dropped all modding and thus with the wheel collier and wheel module updates around the corner, i have inspected the mod and noticed the texture animator .dll, i cannot however find an odvious module that it references in his configs, plus LoFi has lost the source files and cannot help, so inshort i wish to keep tank tracks in the game but i would like a way to do it from scratch rather than se a plugin i cant edit what i would like is a texture animator plugin that can move a texture based on the RPM of the wheel colliders, or a reference wheel collider ( i should be able to set up a free wheeling collider at the mid point of the track to reference pretty easy, i can see how to do it, i just dont have the ability of knowledge to code it,  would anyone be able to give me a hand either with the coding or direct me towards the best place to learn how to code (html is my limit so far) specifically as it applies to ksp. my aim is to keep tank tracks in ksp, they may not be as feature packed as LoFi's but they would work but i have n idea how to make the treds move unless i can get a plugin coded

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