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Experience for engines, batteries etc.

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This is just a quick thought i wanted to share. I dont know why, since when i usually share my thoughts, i end up upsetting someone. Maybe thats why i do it. Anyway




I sometimes struggle with getting satisfactional dV from my spacecraft. It is mostly due to my inexperience with making spacecraft, because i know people sucessfully make trips to Jool etc. with loads of equipment. I however, not so much.


But this doesent change the fact that i think leveling up parts could be fun. For example taking an engine to an orbit around Kerbin gives x amount of XP. and at level 1 it will have various increased stats. Perhaps you could even chose which stat to level up. ISP, reduce weight, increase thrust, and so on.


Similar things with solar panels, even batteries you name it. With enough thought put into the concept you could have a myriad of options for leveling up parts. I might add that leveling up parts is a bad name for the mechanic, since you dont actually level them up, you improve upon them, from experience. From using them, you learn how to improve them. Its important tho that a part is recovered before its experience counts. But i there should be some kind of cap or balance so that people cannot send a heap of parts to Jool, and then get level ups too easy. 

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As a concept it sounds fine, until you realise that the big issue with improving the specifications of a particular part as the game progresses is that there is no constant...

The LV 909 in thge VAB will perform differently to the one on the ship in orbit, and to mine, so ship comparisons and sharing will be all over the place.

The only way I can see this working realistically is by creating successive 'models' of the same part with a slight graphic change for a visual clue and it replacing earlier versions in the editors.  Which I don't think is a very practical solution.

The current tech tree system, although not perfect, does in effect allow you to use your experience, by collecting and spending science, to develop newer and better equipment.

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