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Having trouble with AVP interstellar 2


So after seeing avp interstellar updated for the current version of ksp I figured id mod back up to continue my youtube series. (For the purpose of my videos I like to have the best looking stuff I can.) 

Unfortunately with the new AVP I cannot seem to get clouds for eve and jool to work. Consequently the cloud configs for the OPM planets likewise seem nonfunctional. My understanding is the new EVE version has issues with the OPM clouds, but this does not explain jool and eve not receiving clouds.

I installed the current versions of planetshine, texture replacer and e.v.e prior to AVP, clouds work fine Kerbin and Duna but nowhere else

Is anyone else having this issue or maybe have a workaround? is there a similar mod pack that adds nice clouds for stock and OPM people know? running 64 bit ksp 1.0.5

This is the aforementioned series, most recent two episodes are an example of the clouds id like to have: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2fxlSN_yvQc5l8xjAnoEGRvgAyD0sGku

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Well,i don't know where you found AVP for 1.0.5,because its dependent on E.V.E and the last version that it worked is made for 7-4.The new E.V.E (1-05-4) have different file and .cfg structure so it can' work with that.

In lack of information which version of AVP you using i'll assume you're using this one,which is the latest.In this version,clouds for Jool and Eve are in separate folder(4th Step - Optional Features/Essential Features (still optional though)/Clouds for Eve & Jool)

But for the future,if you missing clouds for any planet in E.V.E,there is either you are missing textures,you are missing *.cfg or both.

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