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Program Suspended


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This is the Story of the start of the Ruskerbia Space Program called Interkerbmos 

it is my first story and i thought i wanted to give it a try (dont be too harsh :D)


Mods used:


 Tantares LV
 Kerbalized flags and agencies



[Remember to read Werner with an german accent]

[Remember to read other characters with russian accents]


Mission 1

Manned by (Frogs) ( фермер ) |Farmer|





Igor Kerman: Ehm.. Werner.. How did you build this thingy again?...

Werner von Kerman: i found some scrap metal in my backyard

Igor Kerman: okay.. so this is how you want to impress Piton?... with an scrap metal brick?

Werner von Kerman: YES! And its manned by Frogs! 

Igor Kerman: Frogs?! i hope for you that Piton Kerman wont Throw you out of Ruskerbia for insulting him

Werner von Kerman: that wont happen my friend

[The next day]

Werner von Kerman: There it is Piton! the фермер!!

Piton Kerman: So.. this brick should put us in Space?

Werner von Kerman: well its an prototype but i think it will manage to get there

Piton Kerman: Launch it!

Igor Kerman: Launching in 5.......4......3.....2.....1


Piton Kerman: its fast! but.. how does it steer? is it manned?!

Werner von Kerman: Yes its Manned by Frogs... 

Igor Kerman: *Laughs*

Piton Kerman: *looks questioning towards Werner* Very well, you get your money but! make sure we will be the first in space..

[Piton Kerman Leaves the launch site]

While the фермер Parachutes down Werner and Igor Celebrate and start working on their New Future Projects Funded by the Ruskerbian Government



Mission Succes!


Stay Tuned for more!




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A New Home

After 1 Year of intense working and moving The Ruskerbian Government build the Kerbal Kosmodromeas the new Ruskerbian Launch site



Mission 2:

Manned Launch Preperation Training: Training 1 Gee Force Tests

Missions Specifications:

Pilot: Igor Kerman
Mission Specialist: Werner von Kerman
Mission Vehicle: скопа (The Osprey)



Werner von Kerman: Igor! do you hear me?

Igor Kerman: I hear you loud an clear Werner

Werner von Kerman: Good! Now i think you might want to know what you are going to do today, today we are going to test the new suits it has to withstand all the Gee forces you might encounter

Igor Kerman: Alright im ready!

*Igor starts the скопа his engines and pushes the throttle forward and the скопа starts moving*

Igor Kerman: Rotate


*Igor Starts his manoeuvres and pulls up to 13 G*

Werner von Kerman: Remember your Training otherwise you might pass out!

*Igor Manages to land the Test Craft and shows the results to Werner*

Werner von Kerman: You have passed you training Igor! you have been qualified to fly the first manned Rocket in to space soon! The кобра, Now go get some rest my friend!


Short mission but im traveling at the moment so after holidays longer missions

Happy holidays!





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Announcing New Launch Vehicle! The кобра (The Cobra) it will launch the First Kerbal Into Space!

Mission Specifications:

Launch vehicle: кобра
Kerbals on board: 1

Target Apoapsis/Periapsis: APO: 74km PER: 78KM
Targeted mission time: 5 Hours

Launch Scheduled: Tommorow 13PM GMT


Stay Tuned!!!

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First Kerbal in Space


After an Delay of 2 Days the Ruskerbian Government Gave permission to launch the first Kerbal into Space!


Mission specifications

Launch Vehicle:  кобра 
Orbital Vehicle: Rostöv

Apogee: 84KM
Perigree: 75KM

Kerbinaut: Igor Kerman

Mission Specialist: Werner von Kerman

Mission Duration: +/- 5 hours

Launch Site: Kosmodrome 

Landing Site: Just West of Kosmodrome


It was a quiet Friday at the Kosmodrome where everyone was ready for the launch of the кобра к-OTV1 (kerbal orbital test vehicle)

Igor Kerman: Starting Pre-Launch Checklist.

Werner von Kerman: Copy That! Time Till launch is 5 Minutes

Igor Kerman: Pre-Launch Checklist Complete, Time till launch 3 minutes, uhm Kosmodrome? we have Red light on Fuel System Check hold countdown clock!

Werner von Kerman: Copy that holding countdown clock at 2:49 seconds

Igor Tried to Find the Error but was not able to find it.

Igor Kerman: Kosmodrome this is к-OTV1, can't find the error.

Werner von Kerman: Copy that к-OTV1 we are cancelling the Launch


The Government Decided not to launch The кобра untill then it would stay at the launch pad,2 days later when Werner Found an sollution to the problem which he presented to Piton Kerman 
and he granted Werner permission to launch the Rocket carrying Igor.

Igor Kerman: All systems are go for launch

Werner von Kerman: t-15 Seconds for lift-off

Igor Kerman: 10....9....8...7...6....5...4...3...2...1. Ignition!


Werner von Kerman: Liftoff к-OTV1!

Igor Kerman: Throttling up Kosmodrome!


Igor Kerman: Roll Program!

Werner von Kerman: Copy that к-OTV1!


Slowly к-OTV1 started gaining more speed and momentum


Igor Kerman: Booster and first stage Seperation Kosmodrome 


Soon enough the к-OTV1 reached it assigned Orbit and started doing orbital manouvers and tests about gravity.



Igor Kerman: Hmm Interesting, water turns into and orb like shape here in space.. interesting!

The к-OTV1 could not contact Kosmodrome because it was out of reach of the Transmitter

Igor Kerman: к-OTV1 for Kosmodrome the Tests are Finished we are preparing to return to Kerbin

Werner von Kerman: Copy that к-OTV1 we will be awaiting you here at Kerbin

Igor Kerman: Retro Burn Complete!

Igor Kerman: Decoupling Service Module


Igor Kerman: Service Module Decoupled Confirmed!

slowly the к-OTV1 started descending into the atmosphere and feeling the heat


Werner von Kerman: Welcome in Kerbin Atmosphere Igor!

Igor Kerman: Thanks! but i would rather go back up there! i like being weightless.

Soon the к-OTV1 Started Gliding on the air creating an strange white glow which Igor Has never seen before


Igor Kerman: Kosmodrome in Sight Werner!

Igor Kerman: Ready for Deploying Parachute!

Werner von Kerman: Deploy your Chute at 1500 Feet it will open at 500 feet!

Igor Kerman: Copy That!


With heavy Gee Forces the parachute opened at 500 Feet after which it slowly descended


Igor Kerman: 200 Feet! 100! 50! 40! 30! 20! 10!...... TOUCH!


Werner von Kerman: Welcome back home Igor! Mission Success! we will pick you up then you can take some rest before you need to report to Piton! goodjob!



Mission Success!









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Announcing New Rocket Vehicle!


Interkerbmos announces an new Rocket Vehicle (based on the Real Soyuz Vehicle)


The first launch will be used for the first SAT made by MoskiKerb Corp which achieved the First Contract for Sattelites for Interkerbmos launches


Stay Tuned!

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Ah cool, i like the Kosmodrome in the desert, i would really appreciate something like that in stock KSP... Some alternative stuff here in this wonderfull forum!

So simple until now but simply cool! Good reading and Kerballike story :D

I wish you and all the readers/ spectators of this thread a happy new 2016, and cosmic discoveries!

Edited by Mikki
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30 minutes ago, Mikki said:

Ah cool, i like the Kosmodrome in the desert, i would really appreciate something like that in stock KSP... Some alternative stuff here in this wonderfull forum!

So simple until now but simply cool! Good reading and Kerballike story :D

I wish you and all the readers/ spectators of this thread a happy new 2016, and cosmic discoveries!

Thanks Mikki i agree ! there should be a stock alike kosmodrome in-game

You too a happy new year Mikki! :D

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A New Chapter In Spying

The Ruskerbian Government Announced its first Launch of an Satellite, After the United Kerbal States launched the Maneris Explorer The Interkerbmos was told to launch an so called "Spy SAT" which was being called the Kenit


''Kenit Design''


The Satelite Kenit 6K has been successfully brought in Kerbin Lower Orbit



Next Mission: Manned кобра Mission on top of the Rostöv Launch Vehicle "Manned by Yuri Kerman"


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Breaking Records


A new Kerbinaut has made its way into new heights! 
Yuri Kerman is the name! Yuri has just made its first Orbital flight! Sadly due to an power failure and an Recording Failure aboard the кобра No picture's or Flight data was recieved

Yuri landed succesfully 44 Km away from Kosmodrome after an 7 hour flight



Next Mission:

In the next mission Interkerbmos Will launch its first Longer Habitable Spacecraft which will be able to dock the Later Launched Filskja Orbital Laboratory

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2 hours ago, fgjordy said:

because i want to focus on an more not known story like the chinese programs and you're doing an great job so far on your program! ;)

  Ohh, teh Chinese space program. I'm looking forward to it seeing as I've never even bothered to google them in any way. BTW thanks for the compliment, it means a lot to me as a newb to this writing stuff.  

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