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[1.0.5] Kerbal RogueAI version 1.0.0

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The Technological Singularity has reached Kerbin, and it wants to check out all this space stuff.  So it is subverting all these handy MechJeb AR202 modules and flying off to wherever it feels like going at the moment.  This may or may not work out well for any Kerbals aboard, but the AI doesn't seem to care much about that.


Download the plugin Here.

Download or fork the source code from Github Here.

The system will choose between a set of pre-defined flight plans, based on a set of conditions for each flight plan to determine if the ship is in the right position with the right capabilities to successfully complete the flight plan.  There's also a bit of randomness thrown in, so you can't always be quite sure which (if any) flight plan might take over at any given time.

The code is currently in a pre-release status.  If you find any issues with the plugin, I will try to address it as quickly as possible.



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Updated zip package with license
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Hi Overengineer1, welcome aboard and thanks for sharing your work. Unfortunately I had to remove your download links until you include a copy of the license in the download package for the mod, per our Add-On guidelines here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/79250-add-on-posting-rules-aug-21st-2014/

Feel free to edit the links back in once your download package is compliant.

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Oh darn.  I really just wanted another way to say "Red".  (just kidding)

Thanks for the props.  This is my first mod for KSP.  It started off as just a SSTO takeoff autopilot for design testing, but it seemed I could make a much broader use for all the API hooks.  So it got the XML flight plans and conditions and grew into its current form.

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  • Be sure you see the AI icon in the top right during flight.  It doesn't do anything, and it's only there during flight, just to indicate that the AI is watching you.
  • You said "rocket".  The AI does not see this as a SSTO (even if it can get to orbit with one stage).  The conditions for the SSTO include having lifting surfaces (wings), having turbine engines (jets), being landed on the runway, and having more than 7000 deltaV (which is just a rough guess by me).
  • The AI is unpredictable.  There's something like a 50/50 chance that, if all the conditions match, the SSTO flightplan will take over within a minute.  This is evaluated many times per second, but the math comes out to somewhere like 50% per minute for that flight plan.
  • If you want, you can review the flight plans yourself in the GameData/RogueAI/FlightPlans folder.  I tried to make the conditions and maneuvers as self explanatory as I could.
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