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Terrain Bug On Gilly


Is this terrain bug newly added in or was it there before? I'm not too sure it was in 1.0.4. It still behaves like a terrain bug however.

After I saw it and zoomed out half of Gilly Disappeared.

Coordinates: 35° 12' 10" S and 45° 5' 52" E

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These "Terrain Shifts" are very common, and dangerous only to rovers and small Kerbals, so dont worry.

Half of Gilly disapearing seems to be an memory issue, try deleting memory-eating mods like B9 Aerospace (That plane you've got there appears to be made out of those parts), KW Rocketry, KSP Interstellar and especially Sido's Urania System (this one is a great memory sucker, even with ATM). And be sure to install Active Texture Managment!

I hope that will help.:)

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