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Dropping a stock folding plane out of a super carrier.


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Thanks RixKillian! I've created a Grumman style wing with infernal robotics but not with stock. It would be an interesting feat to try and tackle.

My bearing is held in place with junior docking ports on either side of the actual thing which hold it in place. The bearing is designed with an axle made from ant engine enclosed in a sort of cage of cubic octagonal struts. Just below the cage is the decoupler which the whole wing assembly is attached to at launch. The decoupler prevents the hing/wings from falling off upwards. Looks kind of like a screw head. It's extremely sturdy at launch before you stage the decoupler. After you do that however it's nearly impossible to get both the side, and is a bit wobbly. You can see in the video that it only sort of works. With a larger plane it would be flopping around everywhere. :P

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Hmm I don't know if this would work with a plane since the wings are trying to pull the bearing out but tightening it up as far as possible always seems to help with the wobble, and lengthening the axle down through the fuselage.. Who knows!

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