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Planet Ideas And Names For The Future Of Kerbal Space Program

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Objects significantly different from current planets are what I would be most interested in, things like, binary planets, permanent objects with highly inclined, near polar or especially a retrograde solar orbit, co-orbitals  and a handful of named planet-like asteroids in a true asteroid belt.

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Circumros: A gas giant that orbits at a 0 degree inclination and has a perfect circle for an orbital path, also it is Orange, the atmosphere is high in Bromine and Nitric Acid fumes.

Circumros also has two. moons:

Ros: A rocky moon roughly the size of Dres. The surface is moderately cratered, the soil is high in Erbium which gives off Ros' signature pink soil, According to Kerbal legends Ros is the Kerbal Moon of love. Ideal for a romantic honeymün. Or maybe just moar science!! 


Oof: Moon roughly the size of the Mün, Navy blue in colour Oof, sports an extremely dense atmosphere that is twice as thick as Eve's, also Oof sports a very strong gravity field, so jumping is not recommended, Oof's surface is not very cratered due to the thick atmosphere, however any craters that do end up on Oof have a tendency to be on the rather deep side, Oof does have water but you probably do not want to end up in it  because the thick atmosphere has built up large amounts of static electricity which acts as a battery for Oof's rather strong magnetosphere, also did we mention it's extremely hot and humid. 



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On 6/12/2013 at 9:43 PM, NovaSilisko said:

Some general concepts for changes and addition that are drifting around my head (not to say this is the way they'll be though, we've all gotta generally agree what to implement and this is just my take! Plus discovery mechanics and hence the rest of the system won't happen for many updates)

Jool: Actually the second-smallest gas giant, with unusually large moons. All other gas giants would have objects smaller than or comparable to Moho.

- Laythe: Very volcanic because of its proximity and the tidal forces from the other moons. Still oceans of water, but now with actual active volcanos with lava lakes (that destroy things)

- Vall: Never liked the design of vall too much. I'd like to make it a bit more like eeloo, with large cracks in the ice and a more chaotic surface.

- Tylo: Never liked this either, also needs to be redone. Perhaps turned into a highly-contrasting body like Iapetus.

- More tiny moons: Just a bunch of small moonlets, at least 20. Probably would be nameable by the player or given designations (ex. J-17 for the 17th moon of Jool discovered)

Gas planet 2: ~50% larger than Jool, with rings. Early version shown on a stream a while ago.

- Eeloo: Relocated to orbit GP2, now with large geysers that can knock your ship around (prototyped several weeks ago, they function quite well)

- Daphy: Unusually smooth and round ball of fluff. An asteroid which has accumulated material from the rings, practically no gravity.

- Potatus: Small moon with relatively high inclination relative to GP2's equator. Composed of ices surrounding a highly dense core. Very rapid rotation (21 minutes) causes it to be stretched into an oblate spheroid (prototyped a while ago, the physics actually work and are really cool)

- Fonso: Largest moon, ~300 km radius. Very mountainous, with a thick atmosphere that only extends partway up the mountains (as in, the mountain peaks are in vacuum, while the proper surface is at two atmospheres)

- Tiny moons: Same case as Jool

Gas planet 3: Perhaps not an actual gas planet, could be a 2000km rocky planet with a thick atmosphere (have fun landing under 6g and 30 atmospheres of pressure)

- Moon with rings? Would have to be diffuse rings as well as recent, fully-formed rings wouldn't last long in that position.

Gas planet 4: Who knows.

Beyond: Who knows x2

9 years later and jool's moons were added into the game! Eeloo also did, but much better! Sadly, for Dahy, Potatus, Fonso, GP2, GP3 and GP4 were never added as well as easter egg narrative. Hope they do in KSP2

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