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Returning to KSP


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Stumbled across Kerbal after upgrading my computer recently, and looking to start playing again. I had 300 hours logged in Steam form .22-.90, but its been a while.

Looking around at the mods again, because its impossible to stay away from them, but the selection is overwhelming now. I applaud the modding community for that, but leaves the question - where do I begin? Any good must-haves or groups that go well together? 

Thanks all.

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If you're just getting into KSP after a long absence... be advised that 1.1 is coming out Real Soon Now and will be a seismic upheaval, due to the shift to a newer Unity engine.  I don't know just how extensive the amount of mod breakage that will happen, or how long it'll take to get them working again, but you might want to go a little easy on the mods until post-1.1 unless you don't mind starting over again.

A great place for mods is www.spacedock.info.  You can browse by "most popular mods" to get a feel for what folks are using.

But seriously, there are so many cool features added since 0.90 that you could easily occupy yourself just playing with those for the next few weeks until 1.1 comes out.  :)

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If you install CKAN, it'll give you a long list of mods available for the current version and handle downloading and installing and updating them for you, including dependencies. Must-haves depend on what you're looking for, but this way it's easy enough to browse them and pick a few that sound good yourself.


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10 hours ago, Evanitis said:

Can't decide if you are that knowledgable or that optimistic.

Little of both.  :)

Only "knowledgable" in the sense that I read the weekly devnotes from Squad, and a recent one talked about a "few weeks of QA", and my past experience has been that when they say "a few weeks" they usually don't mean "months."

Maybe it's a month away, perhaps even a bit more, but I'd be surprised if it's, for example, three months out.

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