is it possible to create construction tasks in mission editor?

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I'd like to set my pupils the task of building a rocket to achieve various objectives and then flying the mission but I can't find a way to set up KSP Edu so that the parts they can use are limited.

Is there a way to do this?

At the moment, if I use sandbox mode there is a bewildering array of parts that would totally perplex the students, but if I use career mode the parts are too limited to do anything useful with unless they spend time we don't have playing through the missions and unlocking them. Can I unlock all parts up to level 2 for example for them?

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Yes, in the mission editor you can set up which parts are available in a mission.

Go to the Mission Options tab, set Mode to "Science Sandbox" and add an EduTechConfig Scenario Module. In the options of the EduTechConfig you can add parts to a "Tech", and more "Tech"s. Techs are collections of parts that can be made available or unavailable via the mission events. The first tech starts as available in the beginning of the mission.

There is currently no list of part names there, so I'm afraid you need to manually check the name of each part from their .cfg files.

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