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@ReasonGreetings from the trainz world :) former X200 and later changed forum name to Battery Electric, here.. Im watching this thread eagerly for the same reasons...


Id love to learn blender but it means unlearning gmax... It does my head in


On the train front

allow me to say KSP supports a surprisingly accurate if a little crude diesel electric transmission that I use on all of my trains currently

(modded turbines generate electricity with no batteries ..modded wheels act accordingly with generator output)

Although they might end up as land trains driven with a steering wheel..feel free to mod some of your trainz work in KSP... Theres a small yet growing community of our type here . And KSP is a fertile place for the train scene to grow . Tracks or not :) 






Not just a plaything.. It gets serious.. :) 

Theres something glorious about trains popping up where they wernt intended be it garrys mod, rigs of rods, Kerbal space program and the like..

And unlike other....games..


.ksp runs good and doesnt recycle things from 15 years ago..doesnt slap a new name on it and charge full price every year...

Kerbin alone is around 3000km wide.. Better than any baseboard :)

Trains are as welcome as rockets and planes

Welcome :)

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KPS Tran mod using my old models I'm not sure they even work I model in trainz scale. making it stay on the track wont be easy at all that calls for come deep config and scrip work. Making buildings is easy.

Please excuse the video being abit off topic I'm just showing off my train models that may be KSP modded with some work.

Most of these models are updated or scrapped the video is out dated and many changes wore made.

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