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Good day,

I'm a member of a Canadian Military training institution and we want to install KSP EDU on a few of our lab computers. However these computers are completely  stand-alone, offline, will never be connected to the internet computers.

How can we install your game and license  system on PC's that can not and will not ever connect to the internet?

OBVIOUSLY we won't pirate your software as we have values and wish to support your great product, please tell me there is an offline option!

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Hello synaxis.

Unfortunately I am unable to answer this, but I can point you in the right direction.

Here is the contact form for TeacherGaming, who make KerbalEDU, based on the Squad product Kerbal Space Program.

And here is the contact form for Squad on the official website.

I suggest you contact TeacherGaming and Squad directly regarding this issue.

Hope this helps :)

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