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Gold Stingray Inc. Spacecraft Division [New: Cygnus, Azure Kite, Azure Orca]

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Hey there. I have two planes I want to share, both that can fly really well and range as small and big. One can fly at excess 200m/s+, and the other one flies more slowly, great for short cruises and easy flight. Hope you all like!

Welcome to the corp! :)

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Yup, I'll be on it right now, will add as soon as I've used them ingame.

Also, work on the Stingray and Myliobar 0.16 varients is nearly finished; they're both two new models, although they still both have their distinctive look.

Edit again; @Cobbler; could you make an AR Bighead for 0.16?

Edit x3; Clicked save, 'You have more than five images in your message.' 'Canceling edit...'


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Moar Informations x3
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Yes, I know. Was working on it last night until I ran out of time, at which point is also conveniently deleted my changes.


I'll be gone soon, too. :C

I don't think anyway has tested the Titans either, yet. I can't, for a start.

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I know this is strange But i am horrible when it comes to rocket i only somtimes get kerbal orbit i have tried mechjeb and dont understand how it works so can anyone make me a rocket that can get me to both mun and minnmus ( not same trip) and it comes with lander

only mod is mechjeb and i wish to use my workers discount

(Thats a joke)

though that whould be a cool idea how about this when we make planes and rockets depending on how much money used( money shown in stats in ksp) thats how much a plane "costs" we can use that for employ of month if some one make 500$ plane and it downloaded 10 times but someone who makes a 10000 plane that works the 10000 maker whoud be employ of the month if this was implmented no plane alrady posted whould count and when we post we say how much "money" it is.

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