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Suggestions for improve the game

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I would suggest to include stock rover parts, for example Chemcams or something like that.

Also please more space shuttle parts AND misión, like crew transfering (what would be related with máximum time that a kerbal can stay in space).

A training center to train kerbals habilities. That would need more habilities, for example, endurance, strength, etc.

Medical center that would be related to the maximun time a kerbal can stay in space, again.


I think that focusing on space stations would be really important so more experiments and parts can be constructed.


I already have a lots of mods that give me basically what I expected from stock possibilites and features, so maybe you should include them as stock features, like PlanetaryBase, Infernal Robotics, Life Support, ScanSAT, Tarsier Space Technology, Station Science, etc.


But highly needing Rover parts, because there are too less parts to build, just 3 wheels, and I dont find any Rover parts pack or something.




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Yeah, that's true but I still think that a few more parts would be nice.

I just remembered that a Mk3 Inline Clamp-o.tron or something Mk3 docking part would be great for thoose that want to recreate an Atlantis-style Space Shuttle, wouldn't it?

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