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[WIP][1.0.5] Exhaust Recycling

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PalverZ's Exhaust Recyclers:

Current Version 0.5.0

 On CKAN:  CKAN-Indexed-brightgreen.svg



Screen shots will come when I have model and texture I am proud to show off lol.

This is plugin and example 1.25m parts.


The parts with the Part Module (ModuleExhaustRecycler) can be attached to a part to allow any engines attached to it, (right now limited to engines of type LFO) to capture a small amount of their exhaust and use it as mono Propellant or any defined resource (use it to catch CO2 for your own mod?).


Right now the example parts are under utilities after researching fuel systems.

Future plans:


- Make the "Dynamic Module" be one that can be added directly to engines rather than only working if its added at run time. (This method may be limited to one type of resource).

- Code Optimization

- More Parts and better models and textures (Help Welcomed)


Recent Changes:


-Engines the get collected from now produce additional heat

- Config editable engine types and multiple output types

- Now on CKAN

- New part to help showcase the new radial and multi engine support, (getting better with models and textures)

- Added support for parts to handle multiple attached engines

- CKAN Pull request waiting on a merge

- Re balance and final output is now a function of the max thrust of the engine (based off an LT-V30)

[  Out Put Rate = Config Rate X ( Max Engine Thrust/215) ] in this case the LT-V30 would yield the value in the config at 100% output

- Tweaking the resource and amount is now capable from the config





Special Mention:

- Rover Dude's work with a lot of his engines inspired me to make a way to add this to more engines.


Where to get it:

- Kerbal Stuff: https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/1432/PalverZ%20Exhaust%20Recyclers

- Git Release: https://github.com/PalverZ/PalverZExhaustRecycler/releases

- Source: https://github.com/PalverZ/PalverZExhaustRecycler/

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlikeCC BY-NC-SA


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Update again
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25 minutes ago, sashan said:

So, this basically allows making compressed air RCS for VTOLs?

Yes, right now my only part is a size 1, that works inline, I want to make it work on radials and be able to be configured to what it works on as well as a much more intelligent way of determining how much to generate, right now it relies on stock alternator core code and that seems to base its output on engine output percentage and not engine thrust output.


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Update to 0.4.0:

**May break saves**: sorry if it does I will do this as few times as possible, should only break ships if anything.
 New part radial/inline collector "RIC" should collect from radial or inline engines, texture a little broken will fix sometime
 Now works with multiple engines attached to the same collector.
 Did small code add that should keep funky things from occurring (not that I think any did)

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V 0.5.0 is coming soon: I am working out some issues with the ability to have more that one output, and heat production will be increased on engines having exhaust captures as well configurable engine ,  lots of code fixes too....


There is a strange problem with the inline radial I think it has to do with colliders and when I go to make a 2.5M part I will try to track down in fix it (look for that fix in 0.6.0 unless it bothers enough people that I heard about someone else running into it)

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