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[WIP] [1.0.5] AUC aeronautic mods 0.0.1

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AUC Advance Technology proudely present: 

AUC Aeronautic technoloy

AUC aeronautic is part mod and (in the future) a plugin mod that add some plane, rocket, station, and other part to KSP. It is still under development and some new idea will become real in the furture.

Right now AUC aeronautic add a buch of part including (for now):

- a mk1 cockpit

- a mk1 to mk 2.5 adapter with a buil in air intake

- a mk 2.5 to mk2 adapter

- a mk 2.5 fuel tank

- a mk 2.5 jet engine

- a mk 2.5 rcs tank

- a mk 1 air augmented rocket engine

The MK 2.5 is a brand new crossection that was inspired but the YF23, it aim to be a SSTO but right now is only a plane thing:


more part are beeing created and existing part are still under development expect change.

The Mk1 air augmented rocket is based on that this. The real life model of it use oxygen from the atmosphere as an add oxidizer or the air in itself as an added working mass. My version only use the atomsphere as an added working mass making it to work in anywhere. The rocket itsef is a small 0.65m engine ducted into a 1.25m ram/jet.

Get it on:

Soon on Spacedock.




Included in the pack

- community ressource pack

- Module manager


no included in the pack but required for the IVA:

- RasterPropMonitor

ASET Avionics Pack v 1.0 

ASET Props Pack

some issue:

- the air augmented rocket have a weird way to attached itself radialy, work around: just offset it.

- the cargo bay don't protect from air stream (fixed for the next update).


Part and model: HaryR

Texture: myself for MK1 part

Bac9: allow me explain, the textures are a reproduction of the next B9 texture (the one that was not released yet) I give him full credit for crating it (MK2.5 PART). My work on it was to make my part fit the style. I't allowed by his licence (if he don't change it) and following his licence policy:

Licence:This work is shared under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. Dependencies may come under their own licenses. Please check dependency documentation for details

PS: the craft that are in the zip file, only the starchild stock is purly stock, for the other craft, you will need: B9 procedural wings and BD adjustable landing gear.

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5 minutes ago, Atatra said:

this is pretty cool, excited to see how development on this goes, and i love that you're giving some attention to the YF-23, always loved it's design.

Yep, me too, IIt's my favorite stealth plane ever. I've manage to kerblizied part of the design but it not as good as I hope (i'm not bac9 or bahamutoD).

by the way thanks, I have some really cool idea but development will be long. So many thing to do, so little free time I have.

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18 hours ago, Atatra said:

Do you have any plans for cargo bay/weapon bay style parts in the future? because i can see the 'twin hulls' style of the rear fuselage being great for dual bays, possible large enough to fit nearly 1.25m parts in.

There is a cargo bay in the pack, it can fit two 1.25m part but the door is kinda...special, but yes, they will be some other cargo bay with different configuration for the mk2.5.

9 hours ago, Ackoli said:

I think it would look better stock-alike

stock alike will be for later, for now i'm concentrating on modeling the next part and polishing those one (no worry, it's in the to do list.)

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I just noticed, the cargo bay of this first release didn't protect part from aerodynamic forces, it have been fixed and is ready for next release. But I think I will be waiting for 1.1 to come out before releasing anything.

Here some WIP of the next part to be added. 

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