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I had this wierd idea while thinking about making a mod with a All-In-One science kit, with thermometers, barometers, accelerometers, negative gravioli detectors, anemometers, etc. But I figured that since I have access to those instruments in real life, couldn't I just build it in real life and 3D scan it? Given I don't own a 3D scanner, but I figured that some forum members might own one, or I could just pop down to my local public library and use the one there. Anyway, I just wanted to share an interesting idea I had.



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You have to understand that any model you would get out of the process of 3d scanning such a piece of equipment would be super high poly, uneven/full of artifacts from the scanning process, blotchy and would have to be completly reworked inside a 3d package to be even remotely usable in the game. With such a high level of work needed it would actually be much more productive to take several detailed pictures(top,bottom,left,right++) of the instruments in question and just model them using those pictures as references.

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