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[1.1] Kerbodyne Plus

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25 minutes ago, Deimos Rast said:

I hear you.

Nothing major jumps out at me now, but I'm tempted to figure out a way to mathematically balance the tank mass and/cost (a la SMURF). I don't doubt that you crunched the numbers, but I feel like some type of MM patch that automagically calculates things wouldn't be amiss. Out of curiosity, how did you come up with the costs for the fuel tanks and such? I saw some notes in a few configs.

A few things I'm looking at, off the top of my head:

  • The battery beats out the stock equivalent Z-4k in the cost department for the same ElectricCharge.
  • The fission reactor is currently an over grown fuel cell (albeit with coreheat). Nertea has some really cool fission reactor stuff in NearFutureElectrical - shouldn't be too hard to make a patch (I'll probably try on my own and if it's decent I'll share it)
  • Would you be opposed to RealPlume for the Behemoth engine? The RealPlume-Stock mod guy (Nhawks17) does pretty damn good work. Don't get me wrong, blasting off with the Behe's currently is pretty sweet - just more eye candy never hurt.:cool:
  • I'm eyeing the ELF engine. Considering its' size, I think it should probably cost more ElectricCharge, but I don't have a good number as of yet.
  • Could probably make up the standard CLS, KeepFit, and LifeSupport (at least TACLS) patches as well. Really only applies to the crew module, although the docking ports could use CLS support.

All I have at the moment. Off to eat more candy.:D

Balancing was never fully completed. Most of the tanks were done with a simple volume calculation, with 80-90 % going to wet mass withe rest going to dry. Can't remember if I used 1 liter per unit of fuel or 5. The batteries were all guess work/ feel. If I had the time I wanted to go back and calculate the lithium mass and energy storage. Real plume sounds good. As for life support, that's all going into Mother, but sure why not. The license is gpl3. if you need anything else, just ask. :)

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3 hours ago, progressiveMonkey said:

Has anyone tried this mod with 1.3? Does it work alright?

Kerbodyne Plus is a pure parts mod - I haven't installed it in my game save yet, but it should work fine without issues.

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Just for clarity, I'm no longer developing Kerbodyne Plus. However there's a good reason for this. This was my first mod and consequently I learned a lot at a rapid pace. This caused an imbalance in development where I was stuck constantly redesigning past mistakes. I also had no idea where I was going with the mod when I started. So, lack of clear goals plus disparity in skill made for a difficult development cycle. That's why I decided to start over with Mother. 

Mother is everything I think Kerbodyne Plus should have been. It has clear goals, ( make interplanetary motherships ) it supports popular mods via module manager (like KSP-IE, Kerbalism, Community Resource Pack, KIS, KAS, RPM, and more), and has improved textures and models.

Here's a little preview: 


The newly completed size 6 fuel tanks.


M1D Vacuum and M1D SL "Meteor"  raptor-like size 0 engines.


Heat effects of M1D SL


M1D SLs arranged in an ITS 42 engine layout. (the ITS thrust plate is still in development, but will be coming soon).





DA-42 3M command pod. Seats 7. IVA is complete. RPM hasn't been added yet.



ISS style modules. IVAs in progress.


30M centrifuge concept. Currently 60% complete.

Mother's beta release will be coming soon. Check out the development thread to find out more: 


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