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if you climb to the top of Mount K2 (mountain range west of KSC), you can look over the world. Is it round? 

On 4/24/2020 at 3:05 PM, XB-70A said:




*research flat Kerbin oops

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3 hours ago, planet-creations said:

I climbed to the highest point on Kerbin and I can definitely confirm it is in the shape of a SRB.

Yup, I've seen it too.  Definitely looks like a SRB that impacted the ground too quickly.

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if Kerbin is a space station, it could be flat...

i think flat kerbiner/earther exist because round kerbin/earth is too mainstream

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11 minutes ago, cubinator said:

Surface tension, obviously. Water is as strong as concrete.

heresy. lies and heresy.

it is all hysterical hearsay

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3 hours ago, dawidePl said:

Kerbin is flat, because if it wasn't, we would all fall

skienc <insert stonks meme man>

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