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Film -what if...


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I'm just going to leave this here...


Name: Voyager.

Director: Nick "Nassault" Gillin


Take a look at the Cinematic Enthusiasts Thread created by Hatbat. Hatbat, Zero-Films and a variety of other filmmakers (including me :D ) post their KSP short films there. I'd strongly recommend viewing all of Nassaults Cinematics before taking a look at Hatbat and Abathedude. (And if you're cool with it, I'm just going to advertise my channel/cinematics xD my youtube channel, One-Way Films) Enjoy! 


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Probably best suited for the Lounge section of this forum. But here goes:

Kermageddon - Kerbin's Darkest Day will be Kerbals' Finest Hour

Michael Bay (I mean, obviously. There'll be lots of explosions.)

As an asteroid the size of the Western Desert is discovered barreling down on the planet, kerbal scientists work feverishly against the clock to save themselves from extinction. As the most viable solution depends on a crucial piece of equipment (found laying by the side of the road), they turn to its original inventor, Jebediah 'Bruce' Kerman and his unlikely team of misfits to do what no kerbal has been asked to do before: to prevent a global killer from hitting the planet. Halfway through the mission, Jeb thwarts the implementation of a Secondary Protocol that was intended to blow up the asteroid with the aid of nukes, and with the aid of his team turns the weapons into engines instead, using the thrust to capture the asteroid in an orbit around the planet, making it Kerbin's third moon and calling it Liz, declaring independence from Kerbin because as Val put it, none of them wanted to pay taxes again. Ever.


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David Cronenburg

Something effed-up about a man who's body slowly but inexorably mutates and contorts into a much smaller, more cylindrical bodyform and who's slowly changing biological requirements force him to build hastily improvised yet ever more complicated survival mechanisms. Eventually [as his ability to survive in an Earthly biome degrades] ending up with him having to cobble together first a suit, then a rocket and space habitat, desperately launching himself into orbit only to spend the rest of his existence frantically repairing the jumbled heap of re-purposed and recycled components which make up his habitat, the only place in the solar system he is able to live.

Fades to credits as he firefights yet another burst pipe or hull fracture.

(Cert. 18 - bodyhorror, gore, extreme peril, extreme injury, psychologically disturbing)

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In a world where kraken drives are being experimented on... with some unintentional side effects to the kerbals onboar-oh wait.

That's event horizon.

In a world where laythe has been colonized, but the inhabitants will try to rise up against the evi-darn it!

That's avatar (Favorite movie :))

in a world where earth, mars, and dres are on the brink of war-NO! that's The Expanse! Not even a movie, darn it!


Okay. Val, Sandra Bullock. Bill, Liam Neeson. Jeb, Nicholas cage. IN A WORLD...

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