Make a Word From Random Given Letters!

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Okay, so I just randomly came up with this a few minutes ago, and I'd rather not lose the idea.

If this exists somewhere else, I'm sorry.



Basically, what you do is make a word as close as possible to being correct with a set of randomly-smashed keyboard inputted letters that the poster above you makes.

It does not have to be spelled right, it just has to sound like the word if pronounced out loud

You do not need to use all the given letters


  • Keep it clean
  • Do not use a letter more than once
  • Try to keep your random letters somewhere between 5-10 characters
  • You can make short phrases rather than short words, but keep in mind to not use the same letter more than once




Poster #1:



Poster #2:

foany (phony)



and it goes on and on...


I'll start:




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jaun (john)


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gfy (gif)


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8. (Eight)





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  • void
  • jink
  • food
  • join
  • jab
  • bans
  • ban

There are a few more but I will refrain as I believe I could create a mild 2.2 violation. After all, I am recovering...

Next set of letters:


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Hey, that's a term I coined.

Haha, get it?

I want to knock myself unconcious.



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Cryiox (removed some words is that Ok?


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