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[Realism Overhaul] SSTO, Stage and a Half, And other efficient launch Vehicles

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Recently I've been bit by the RSS bug. Maybe its the allure of a new challenge or the fact that my major is aerospace mechanics and I need to study. 

Regardless, I've been looking into ways to make cheap, efficient, and "reusable" launch vehicles. My first initial thought was to asparagus stage everything, however in RSS this leads to large amounts of drag. I did some reading and came up with an engine dropping lifter.




I dub it the "Delta I". Unfortunately, due to issues with mechjeb not recognizing the dropped engines as stages, I had to do some fun hand calculations. It has about 10k deltaV with a 5 ton payload attached; this means I can reach a 200-200km orbit if I time everything correctly.

Anyway, I'm more interested in what other people have built to accommodate reusability in RSS and RPO. I've wanted to create a thread for awhile that showcases the most unique and efficient vehicles the community can design. 

So please share!

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Well technically, it's 5 stages haha. But the only thing dropped is the engines and the fins.

The idea came to me when someone described asparagus staging as "not having to carry unignighted engines." Hence all of the engines igniting at luanch and being ditched when the TWR is sufficient.

However, due to the 7-10k delta v required for LEO, I had to get pretty crazy with optimization for that to work. All the tanks are balloon tanks, the fins are paper thin, And I had to redesign the tank butt to be supper aerodynamic.

Since this is a career save, I may be able to rebuild it with better engines latter on but I think it's white good for -60s tech.

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