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Kerbol System Backgrounds/Wallpapers


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I recently got one of those Solar System wallpapers and I thought that it might be cool to recreate one of the Kerbol system.

Here's the one I recommend, with Eeloo in front of Jool, and without the Joolian moons. 



Here's the full edit, including the Joolian Moons. Note that in order to keep the 1 pixel to 3.5 km size I had to mix and match the moons, so it doesn't look all that great.


Due to the fact that Jool has so many moons, I made another wallpaper of the moons by themselves, without the planets.


Here's the original unedited image, credit to Smorfty (thanks!):


There ya go, enjoy! I may also make another wallpaper of the Kerbol system without any moons, though I'll see if people want it.



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