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Early Career High Altitude Survey Aircraft

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So I'm starting a new career game, and I was trying to figure out how to complete the high altitude survey missions over a point on Kerbin. I wanted to do a plane, and make it cheap to build, relatively easy to use, and small in shape as well as low in part count. I did not like the look of the fixed landing gear with this aircraft, so I decided to make a Zero Length Launch system as seen in the picture




My Version:


Flight Profile


Spool Jets:


Ignite Rocket:


45 deg climb:


Eject Rocket:


Climb to 8000 and Cruise to location:


Activate second flea:


Gather High Altitude Science!


Anyway, I know it isn't a single stage to eve and back or anything, but I thought I'd share one of my more unique designs that is simple and functional. There's no excess Dv, control surfaces or other cost multiplying parts. I've also eliminated the landing gear, allowing me to get high enough to complete the mission. A thermometer can also be added for temp contracts. I've done contracts about 130 km away from ksp, but I'm not sure of the exact range and endurance of this thing. It's also fully recoverable, minus the jet and solid fuel of course. The first stage has its own separate parachute that deploys upon the booster getting jettisoned. It's just one of those desgns that turned out nice.

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I am sure the jet is very cool, however all of the pictures are broken! Try uploading the pictures to a picture sharing site, most people use imgur, as it plays nice with the forums.

Also none has made a non-modded SSTO to eve and back. Yet.

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