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How to save Valentina and Jebediah.



Help! I have an astronaut (Valentina) stuck in orbit without any propanol fuel left. I sent up a ship to save her, but it missed and too is stuck in orbit without fuel, so close and yet it can't seem to reach her. Without fuel, I can't slow down. However, in this run, I have challenged myself not to leave any astronaut behind, so I need to save both of them.



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Is this early in a career game?

IF you can EVA you can "get out and push" a ship until the orbit dips into the atmosphere. Just don't run out of EVA fuel or you won't be able to get back in. Each time you go back in the pod, you'll start again with full fuel if you EVA again: it's a bit magic.

More boring but much less gamey is to design another rescue rocket and bring a bit more fuel than your last attempt. Bring one of them home, then repeat for the other. Assuming you aren't using a mod that adds life surface requirements, they'll not mind waiting until you get to them, if you need to do other things to afford another rescue mission e.g.hiring another pilot or researching a probe core so that the rescue can be unmanned.

Edit: I've realised that if you can't EVA (early career it's not available until you upgrade a building or two)  then you can't transfer anyone to the rescue ship... so I assume you're past that or not playing career.


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Depending on how high your orbit is the EVA trick ElWanderer explained above might be your best bet if you have trouble with completing an orbital rendezvous, but if you are confident you can achieve an encounter then just build a ship with more than enough delta v and save them one at a time.

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