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[1.8.x+] Strategia [v1.8.0] [2019-10-22]


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8 hours ago, Veeltch said:

Hey, @nightingale are you planning on adding more strategies? In case you do, can I have a request? Would it be possible to add a strategy focusing on space mining? It would be great to get paid for hauling ore from different locations back to Kerbin.

Nothing planned.  It's an interesting idea, but might work better through plain contracts.  In general though, I think the ISRU mechanic works better as something to enable in-mission refuelling than as a specific goal.  Personally, I'm waiting for the Mining and Processing mod to become a thing. :)

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On 10/22/2016 at 5:47 PM, nightingale said:

This one is waiting on @sarbian's Custom Barn Kit.  Once that one is out, then I'll test and get the updated Strategia out. :wink:

There weren't any status updates for some time now... How is it going? Do you need any help testing? I'd be glad to do it, if so. I seriously think screwing up a save or two is worth early access to a mod. :D

Thanks for working on it, anyway, and take your time. I am not hurrying you up.

(As some critics to this forum in general, it seems to be problematic to ask about how a mod is going and is often perceived as hurrying someone up.)

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7 hours ago, Drew Kerman said:

Custom Barn Kit got updated, although Sarbian sounded a bit annoyed at doing it since someone else published an unofficial release. I'd prob feel the same way

Well, it is MIT licensed, after all. I suppose releasing an unofficial (and properly identified as so!) version is better than bugging the modder about it?

Anyway, hurray! Good news, everyone :) 

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14 hours ago, nightstalker101s said:

I've never used this mod before, but I am so excited about it! i never use the strategies in stock because they are... well they are I guess. XD Really like what I see and very excited!

They are very meh, yeah.

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One more question.. Sorry, I'm new to Strategia.

In both the KSC map view and in the config file that comes with Strategia I see that the max available strategies for a Lvl 1 Admin building should be 2. Yet when I am in the Admin building, I get a max of only 1. Is this related to reputation or am I missing something obvious? I am very early in my career if that matters.



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