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The earliest versions of Kerbal Space Program


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if only i can go to space in 0.7.3 that would be an achievement :,( well if there is space

4 hours ago, Scientia1423 said:

It probably wouldn't look any different from minecraft at 0.2 lol

your actually right!

hmm i wonder what happens if i replace my steam ksp with the old ksp versions hmmm

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15 hours ago, Program Kerbal Space said:

if only i can go to space in 0.7.3 that would be an achievement :,( well if there is space

That version is hard considering the atmosphere is very thick and you need to actually work it out your orbit considering there's no map view.

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Was nosing about old parts of drives today and found this semi amusing log of some comp entries in a challenge back in december 2013. No idea what version we were on then, think it might have been 0.17 though.




Nitro  Express Atlas V:

Uppermost section wobbles slightly from 5K up
Burn for orbit continues to very high altitude, makes orbit achievement harder for new or unskilled players, final burn out at around 68Km
Has asparagus on final to orbit stage but gains littlie benefit from it due to overall weight vs. lost weight.
Large number of cosmetic parts, (nosecones, lights, steel panels as fairings, e.g.)
3170 Dv left on attaining Kerbin Orbit.
1967 Dv upon achieving Mun orbit
Abort stage fouling at Mun (Abort stage not clear due to large tank and engine combination
Use of docked stage for Munar Landing unclear until after de-orbit burn with upper stage was complete (forced to jettison during munar decent)
Lack of Solar Panels obvious but not insurmountable given the battery capacity (possible I missed panels due to covering however, was a bit panicky during decent).
Lander insufficiently stable, toppled on landing (mission failure at this point)

Andrew Hansen - Kerbal X Revised

Asparagus initial stage
Solid velocity, acceleration, and final pre-circularization burnout altitude
5166 Dv upon achieving Kerbin Orbit
3965 Dv upon achieving Munar Orbit
Lack of Solar Panels obvious but not insurmountable given the battery capacity
Lander tipped on landing, just barely however (mission failure at this point), Landing otherwise felt very solid in terms of braking lead time required. Jeb, Bill, and Bob all enjoyed the long downslope tumble however, so you did something right :p.

BSC - antbin - Kerbals XX

First impressions from VAB are that this is going to be low on DV, but we'll see.
Clamps are in the wrong stage, have to be manually released after igniting motors, wastes considerably Dv, I corrected this on launch pad myself
Technically asparagus boosters on first stage, but since it functions in practical terms like a booster design with smaller tanks on boosters from a staging PoV less of a negative, though a newbie who doesn’t know what asparagus is, is still going to wander why the fuel lines are there
Interesting strutting, probably much more stable, but not easy to copy due to precision required. Kinda torn on weather this is a positive or a negative, probably a bit of both
Very solid acceleration, (much better than my anemic second stage of solids!)
Acceptable final burnout altitude
2903 Dv upon achieving Kerbin Orbit, Better than I thought we'd see
Has own solar Panel's, and their the lowest tech level ones, Yay
1707 Lander Dv upon achieving Munar Orbit, (not ideal for return mission)
Non-ideal acceleration on Lander stage, particularly for munar orbital insertion and landing burns
1056 Dv remaining in Lander after de-orbit burn
Very high altitude/long decent burn required due to poor acceleration on Lander
Lander tipped on Landing, again just barely (Mission Failure at this point)
Lander remaining Dv was sub 700, probably not enough for a return trip

BSC - Blaster - Reynard Apex Munar Ship

RCS Present, interesting
Basic Solar Panels here to, I like that
A docking port for no reason I can see, (in VAB as I write this), but not a terribad future addition so you can add it to bigger booster later. Overall I approve.
Cosmetics with the nosecones and lights again
VERY unstable off the pad, mechjeb caught it and got her upright after which she flew fine, but I doubt I could have hands on caught her before she went totally out of control
Very solid thrust
Asparagus again, but again more booster than traditional style with same comments as for antbin's design
Acceptable final burnout altitude
Poor upper stage acceleration, makes circularizing a long process
3869 Dv upon achieving Kerbin Orbit
2677 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Lander tipped on Landing, again just barely (Mission Failure at this point)

BSC - BlazeFallow - Kerbal XD

RCS again, no Solar Panels, but there are RTG's
Nosecones and light decorations again
Already pretty sure this one is gonna tip on Mun Landing, at least you'll be in good company though
Full on Asparagus here
SRB separation removes center stack mainsail, mission success doubtful, but will proceed from here as is, (not to self, check see if I have a faulty design after other testing complete)
To help out I reset to launch and jettisoned the escape tower, (I do like it however)
Final Burnout altitude prior to circurlisation is naturally very high
1541 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit, Mun is doable, landing doubtful
345 Dv upon achieving Munar Orbit
Ran out of Dv during Decent, Lander Destroyed (Mission Failure at this point)

BSC - Bobnova - Kerbal X4_1

You Little Shorty You
Basic Solar's again, good
More cosmetic nosecones
Booster style Asparagus again
Interesting Booster design, I like, also interesting parachute usage on the boosters if a bit confusing to newbies maybe
Solid initial acceleration, not as spectacular as some, but more than enough
Booster burnout altitude is a bit marginal, but mechjeb barely has to point the nose below the horizon so acceptable
2875 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
1679 Dv upon achieving Munar Orbit
Lander tipped on Landing, again just barely (Mission Failure at this point)
Only 441 Dv in tanks', not enough for return mission, maybe enough for orbit if she'd stayed upright

BSC - breakthrough - Kerbal X Revision 1A

Looks like full on Asparagus in the VAB
However this also has more widely places Leg's, may be the first to stick the Landing
Cunningly hidden basic Solar's, missed them in VAB, still nice to see
Acceleration feels good
Very good final burn out altitude
3090 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
1893 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
I thought you had the landing for a moment but she tipped (Mission Failure at this point)
However I’m 95% certain increasing it to 6 wings with struts would have got her down without an issue, by far the closest so far

BSC - briansun1 - Kerbal X finale

Quite a large design and cheeky use of the struts, not a bad thing overall
Already looking fearfully at that Lander, though I like the presence of a can
Gigantor Solars are way overkill, but at least they're there. Just hope I remember them.
Not sure whets happened to the decoupler for the Lander here, it's shown on the sidebar staging, but invisible on the ship. Part clipping?
Ok somthi8ng weird on the pad, the whole design rocks massively, twists, then explodes random parts.
In an attempt to understand the issue I removed all the clamps, she promptly worked fine if rocked on the pad a bit much for non-obvious reasons
I'll take her out like this since its accidentally fixed... (@Blazefellow, I’ll look at trying a fix for your design once main testing is complete)
Asparagus again and Acceleration after SRB burnout is quite anemic, good till then
Still Anemic acceleration
Acceptable burnout altitude despite all that, surprising
Really scraping the bottom of the tans at orbit and the Lander has really anemic TWR so a newbie that had to use that to help reach orbit would be in trouble for the whole mission
2183 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Weird explosion upon separating Lander from upper stage during Munar insertion Burn (Part clipping?)
2047 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Just noticed the RCS, thought those where goo tanks at first
Fairly high start to braking burn required due to poor Lander thrust and the staging deploys the chutes before the engines come in so a re-pack would be required for Kerbin return
Lander tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point)
Just noticed the cosmetic lights as she tumbles down the slope, not sure why they where invisible before

BSC - Death Engineering - KB X-11

Nice looking Lander design, Full RCS, and basic Solar's, Overall I approve though I fear she'll be too top heavy, we shall see
Another Booster Style Asparagus
Cosmetic Nosecones again
LTV-30's on the main stage, I’m liking that from a tech PoV a LOT, though the use of orange tanks obviously kinda screws that, not sure how they're attached though...
Acceleration seems ok, nothing to write home about after booster goes, but nothing bad either and it improves noticeably with altitude
Weird explosion on orange tank separation
Skipper on the upper stage kinda defeats the purpose of the LTV's from a tech PoV but necessary given next comment
Burnout altitude is higher than I like but does avoid nose down pointing so not terrible
Battery capacity is solid, overkill since much less has worked, but it never hurts to have it imo
2166 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Ouch, lots of clipping on the bottom of the Lander, only noticed it once I could see it from behind, not ideal for newbie replication
970 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Ran out of DV during final Breaking burn and crashed, leg destroyed and Lander toppled but otherwise intact prior to tumble damage Dv short by about 30 M/s

A Note at this point from the Judges: Mechjeb tend to make the initial Munar Orbit a 45 degree one whilst the landing site is near equatorial, as a result a 300-500M/s plane change burn is required. So if your finding your design is getting down with unexpected low Dv you know why. It also helps simulate the natural tendency of human's, especially newbies to be much less efficient than old mechjeb

Break for bath time here at KSC mission Control

BSC - Deathsoul097 - Kerbal Z_Z

Interesting Lander Design, not sure how the legs will work. But we'll see.
Fold away Solars
RCS here too
Booster Style Asparagus again
Nosecones again, and some cosmetic paneling
Is that a random docking port I see on the capsule...
Time to Launch
It is a docking port, a Jr in fact
Not the most stellar acceleration, even with the boosters
Surprisingly good burnout altitude, acceleration really picks up as those tanks empty, not very used to mainsails tbh
2750 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
1552 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Very high altitude start needed for decent burn due to poor acceleration
Ooooh interesting with the legs, she may make it...
Nope, was a nice design that helped lower her CoG though
Lander tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point)

BSC - Dekul - Minimalist Kerbal X

Minimalist is right, does this even have leg's?
For the sake of keeping mechjeb powered I did add a pair of basic solar panels and a single rechargeable battery
She did roll around her center off the pad, but that could be because of what I added so I won't mark you down for it, plus it was roll only, no yawing
Very low tech however, I like that a lot
Not the most spectacular acceleration, but she manages without struggling overmuch and burnout altitude was acceptable though not brilliant
1796 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Already concerned about her ability to set down given the available Dv
Excellent acceleration on that last stage however
607 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Ran out of Dv part way through de-orbit burn, destroyed on impact with Munar Surface, Jeb died smiling

BSC - ethan829 - Kerbal XI

Full on Asparagus Boosters
Fold Out solar Panels for power, can't see any batteries though
Full RCS and a docking port on top, awww who's a cute littlie docking port
Where are the legs...
Nosecones again
Launching time
Wow acceleration off the pad is excellent
Something randomly exploded when the final asparagus detached, nothing missing from the main stage so something on the boosters must have gone off
Very good burnout altitude
1376 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit, Munar Orbit is going to be tight
178 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Ran out of Dv during Landing plane Change Burn, stuck in Munar Orbit
110M/s of Dv short for plane Change, plus the several Hundred more needed for decent

BSC - fireblade42 - WorkHorse

Booster style Asparagus 
Oh my, what a Lander, absolutely the most stable to date I’ve seen, we'll see if she can do it
Full RCS
An odd lone cosmetic light, weird
Interesting centre stage engine setup
Lander wobbles a LOT on the pad
Good acceleration and the Boosters separated more cleanly than I expected
Acceptable burnout altitude
3808 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
2632 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Good landing acceleration allowed for low deceleration burn
Lander tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point), so many broken hopes, I got some amusing pictures of the disintegration on the way down-slope though
Mechjeb did have some issues keeping the Lander upright during final decent, was a bit jittery on the controls possibly insufficient SAS torque in the Pod?

BSC - Giggleplex777 - Kerbal G

Booster style Asparagus
Fold out solar paneling, though no Batteries visible
Full RCS and cunningly hidden tanks, are the Legs under their too?
Nice Escape tower, and if I understand the staging right, self disposing upon achieving orbit
Acceleration was good initially though the use of a center skipper left it less impressive at the upper end of the flight profile 
The final burnout altitude was understandably at the limits of the acceptable range
2719 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
1519 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Guessing this isn't intended to land since I can't find legs but we'll see if she'll balance on engine
Good Decent burn acceleration, with some actual legs this would be good on flatter slopes
Lander tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point)
Dv might have got you back to orbit, but no further

BSC - GregroxMun - Orbiter-X

Basic Solars, good
Full RCS and a nice littlie escape tower
Can't see any Batteries or Lander Legs
Nosecones again
Full Asparagus design
Half the Clamps and the center stack engine are in wrong stage, corrected on launch pad
Rolled a lot off pad and a bit of Yaw but not excessive
Some sway on upper stage during liftoff
Asparagus staging also messed up, causes all boosters tom separate at first booster burnout, also corrected on pad
Acceleration not spectacular, but we'll see what final burnout looks like, unfamiliarity with mainsails and all that jazz applies
Lower stage concertina's into uppers and explodes destroying majority of rocket at 40KM of altitude, reasons unclear, final Upper stage remained intact so attempting to continue from here
Resultant Final Burnout Altitude rather high with considerable below horizon burning required
790 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Ran out of Dv 70 M/S short of Mun SOI insertion Burn Completion (Mission Failure at this point)
I have screenshots of concertina in action and of what was left after boom if needed

BSC - I_Killed_Jeb - Meercurio Alpha

Let’s see if we really can kill Jeb shall we?
Nice 1.25M Lander, though I note lights again
Nosecones Galore
Fold out Paneling
Full Asparagus
Another chute on Booster user...
Rolled and Yawed coming off the pad, but otherwise good launch
One of the few designs to peg Terminal right up to gravity turn, nice
Excellent Burnout altitude, Better than my own, here have a cookie for setting a new record
Naturally excellent acceleration
5088 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
3891 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Jettisoned Upper stage with 832 Dv remaining in tanks after completing de-orbit burn
Very good Lander acceleration, likes the short braking burn
Lander tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point), again this one could be easily modified to stick the landing, it came close and one damage solar panel aside it slid down the slope in one piece, a first

22 remaining

BSC - Johnno - Kerbal JX3

Another Shortie
Booster Style Asparagus
Non-Stowed Solar Paneling, good job I know what look like or I’d have missed them
Full RCS and Batteries
Not sure if this one has Legs
Heavy on the struts but that's not a huge issue
Stabilizing winglets are nice to see, a few would have benefited from those imo
Very interesting Booster engine setup, seen similar a few times now and I always like to see the smaller stuff used where it works
An odd Asymmetrical Light???
Nosecones again
Nice acceleration, hit's Terminal no issues
Holds it to 12KM too, cool
Excellent final Burnout Altitude, only just above my own :)
2331 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Hmm guessing this doesn’t have legs...
1139 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit Not sure if she can even get down with that on a good slope
Landed with about 35 M/s left in the tanks but toppled, (Mission Failure at this point)
Did get a really amusing 101 explosion salute montage as the bits below the capsule disintegrated, (it parted company with that lot when it toppled), Pod ended up sat on it's base amusingly enough with a girder tumbling tumbleweed style in the background
Really wish I could record some of these landings

BSC - Kasuha - Kerbal IV Light

Large Number of Basic Solar's and some Batteries, nice to see
Lights but now I know what they do so + (this applies to all prior entries bar 2, apologies for sounding negative, only just discovered their use)
Nosecones again
Basic 3 mainsail Booster Style Asparagus again, seems very similar to Giggleplex's design actually
Lots of Leg's, not sure it will help with the high CG but we will see.
1,2,3,4 here we go again
Oh dear, more Clamps in the wrong stage, corrected on Launch pad
I tell a lie the booster engines are Skippers
Good acceleration, easily hit terminal
Held it till Booster Burnout
Excellent Burnout altitude, again slightly above my own but not by much
2895 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
1698 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Very solid Lander acceleration with nice low decent burn
Lander tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point), getting a bit tiered of copy/pasting this, I guess the motto is "if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try again.
Only 580 Dv left in tank's, would probably make orbit, but not Kerbin

BSC - Kerolyov - Kerolyov X

And another shrotie
Where's the leg's, otherwise interesting design.
Batteries present and accounted for, folding Solar Panels reporting for duty
Very Solid acceleration through all boosters, got distracted typing this so not certain if she hit terminal or not but I’d bet she was close
Slightly anemic acceleration after boosters are gone does limit burnout altitude to merely acceptable however
2886 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Very Anemic Lander TWR and requirement of use during Munar SOI insertion burn and Munar Orbit establishment burns makes for a very slow process, Landing will doubtless be the same, switching to Lv-909's would be a sensible move I think, shouldn't affect to orbit Dv or Lander Dv too much
1687 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Still can't find no legs...
She made it, no tipping
Unfortunately she then proceeded to slide due to lack of legs, a quick tumble later and only the pod and a decoupler remained
Remaining Dv was 800 and change, not sure if she could get back on that, also I doubt anything but mechjeb could put her down lightly enough to avoid blowing the engines up normally
So close, *cries*

BSC - kookoo_gr - Mun Lander II

Lots and lots of science, me likely
Also basic Solars and some Batteries are good to see
Sadly the Lander looks like another high CG tipatron :(
Nosecones again
Lights present and accounted for, and pointing down
Full on Asparagus staging, but I like the use of solely 1.25M parts here, really low tech
Just noticed the antennae whilst placing mechjeb, cute
Acceleration ok though not spectacular
Acceptable though not ideal burnout altitude, no nose down pointing required though, tbh overall performance would increase noticeably if you replaced the 45 with another 30, the design should be more than stable enough with just the SAS
4210 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
3011 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Here comes more pain...
Jettisoned Upper stage with 585 Dv remaining in tanks after completing de-orbit burn
Good Lander thrust minimizes altitude required
Lander tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point), Oddly no rolling destruction, initial tip was caught by a goo container which remained intact, after 20M's of slide she caught on the upper stage who's lowest tank and engine where mysteriously sticking out of the ground Screenshot taken

BSC - kzauner - KerbalEX

Interesting Lander design you got there, not sure whets under the cosmetic paneling, and given the high Lander CG I doubt I’m going to :(
Basic Solar's are nice
Full RCS seemingly replacing any form of SAS, interesting choice
Mainsail based Booster style Asparagus
Nosecones again
A Drogue cute on the Pod, COOL
Note to self, remember RCS at liftoff
Massive Yaw and pitch and Roll off Pad, Mechjeb kept her flying via heavy RCS usage but ultimately refused to stabilize till Boosters nearly empty
Boosters jettisoned at 3.5K up, velocity and acceleration anemic
Accelerations picks up with altitude however, Mainsail effect again
Final Burnout altitude high but acceptable
2843 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Forced use of Lander stage for much of Munar SOI insertion Burn and Munar Orbit burns made for painfully slow process due to terrible TWR
1645 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Lander stage nearly depleted, no chance of putting down on Legs this time
RCS propellant ran out on the way down but the pod has enough torque so...
Got down ok but toppled, (Mission Failure at this point)
Your Lander is never going to get that slope even if it had landed as intended, but get the booster issue sorted and I think she'll do fine on gentler slopes

BSC - Mecha Pants - Kerbal-Mk-4

Interesting Boosters with Booster Style Asparagus, a bit fiddly for newcomers though, they ma not realize the connectivity limits and thus may dispense with the extra securing to unfortunate consequences
With that cosmetic Paneling I have no clue how your Lander is constructed, I can't even see the legs, though I do eye spy some basic solars
Another cute little docking port for your kerbanauts to pet and care for and feed whilst they undertake long journeys 
Note: Do not feed docking port fellow Kerbanauts who are not wearing spacesuits, may result in swelling of fellow Kerbanaut, hemorrhaging of fine blood vessels, boiling of the blood, sunburn, frostbite, and in extreme cases, death
RCS I note though again invisible tanks
Lots of upper stage wobble on pad, and lots of mainsail wobble after separation of boosters
Eventually mainsail calms down around 30KM up
Solid burnout altitude, probably due to equally solid acceleration
Interesting use of Ant's on upper stage even if it does involve some cheeky part clipping
2763 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Still no legs, unless those two girders with panels are supposed to be stand ins...
1566 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Low thrust on Lander produces need for very high altitude decent Burns
Another drunk Lander tips over, (Mission Failure at this point), I’d blame Jeb being drunk instead, except he flies better drunk for some reason

BSC - mhoram - Christmas Tree

Hmmm interesting Lander, a surprising amount of low slung weight that’s widely off the centerline once you include the engines, but quite tall all the same.
Fold out solar Paneling
Interesting second stage design, not sure if that’s asparagus or not
Full Asparagus first stage however
Bottom half wobbles on pad
Very Bouncy at liftoff, but great acceleration
More or less rides terminal all the way up to gravity turn, dips in and out but never far off, actually best design for newbies that
Nope, not asparagus second stage
Upper and landing stage Acceleration at Kerbin very anemic, extends burnout considerably
Still acceptable burnout and no down pointing required
3384 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
2185 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Lander TWR was ok though not perfect for the decent burn
Lander Tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point)
Came very close to it, I think if you hadn't had the science gear on top, (which I nevertheless like the presence of), you'd have made it, it was an ultra slow motion topple, your about on par with fireblade for stability
Remaining DV of 1.1K was possibly a littlie light for return

BSC - mpink - Mun Xplorer

A full separated Tank/Engine Asparagus, complex and really newbie unfriendly IMO, but super efficient of course
Nosecones again
No Solar's, Batteries, or Lander Legs that I can see
I added 2 basic Solars and a Battery for Mechjeb to the pod
Not sure why you used structural Fuselages instead of Liquid Tanks to hold each engine...
Initial Acceleration much more anemic than expected, the center being an LTV 45 instead of a skipper or mainsail is probably the main reason why, robs your asparagus of much of its benefits
Not sure why you had the tiny tank engines either
Acceleration improves noticeably once the Asparagus are gone
Resultant Burnout altitude thus excellent if only equal to my own
2598 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
1394 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Attempting to put down on engine
Got down with 205 Dv remaining but unsurprisingly tipped over, (Mission Failure at this point)

BSC - Nao - HexaDragon

I like the Lander already, looks very low CG, may still topple based on experience but I’m not gonna call this one till she hits the dirt
Cute littlie solar panel and monopropellant arrangement though that may be the death of you :(
SRB's, plus liquid Boosters attached to a center liquid stage, very logical by IRL rocket standards and thus easy for a newbie to get, I approve
Wait the top piece is detectable, some sort of escape tower then I guess, cool, I’ll leave that in munar orbit I think
Littlie bit of roll on launch but nothing uncontrollable
Acceleration was ok for first stage after SRB's separated, not great but not unacceptably low either
Acceleration got really slow towards end however and burnout was way too high with way too much downward pointing, worst so far
3816 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Interesting full on tank jettison only Asparagus on the Lander, bit odd though, thought we where gonna lose some legs there, and probably won't help the CG at Mun landing but we'll see how it goes
2616 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Down we go...
Lander Tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point), Actually tipped easily, the three pronged design left 2 tanks on the upslope side so once the legs cleared the ground the CG was past the legs, if she'd come down rotated 90 degree she might have stayed upright, got screenshots again

BSC - NeilC - Kerbal X2

That Lander looks very stable, though the legs might have been placed a tad higher
Nice light arrangement now I know what they do, though I almost missed the panels
Plenty of Bats
Full standard Asparagus with SRB initial assistance
Good acceleration off the pad, hit terminal no issues
Minor staging error, the SRB's are tied to the first two Asparagus Boosters resulting in those being jettisoned with the SRB's, corrected on Pad
Can't maintain terminal after SRB burnout as acceleration slows to almost nothing for a while
Picks up once gravity turn begins though as boosters are emptying on fuel
Solid burnout altitude
Poodle upper stage did make circularization burn slow
4558 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Again slow burn for Munar SOI insertion
Oddly got a near perfect Mun equatorial orbit with your design, every other has given me a roughly 45 degree inclination, also orbit was in opposite direction around Mun
3388 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Once more unto the breach
Jettisoned Poodle stage with 595 Dv remaining, the plane change burn was a good 200-350 M/S less than the rest but that's within your stages limits
Lander Tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point)
You had the most stable Lander to date, she came so close to not tipping, she hung on the balance-point for what seemed like forever, would have been easy to catch with SAS for a newbie
1949 Dv remaining in the tanks was also the best to date on any Lander

BSC - pedorsf - VMT

Booster is similar to Neil C's before you, still never bad to see variations on a concept
The Lander has weird engines and looks painfully Top Heavy 
Also no sign of Bat's or Solar's, I added some Low down to keep Mechjeb running just in case
What are those things on the sides anyway?
Lots of Booster movement, but very stable off the pad all the same
Performance of your initial stage was Comparable with Neil C's, good initial acceleration becoming more anemic over time before improving again at higher altitudes
Huh you've got Aerospikes insider the Skipper, Part clipping?
Burnout was good though not great, just about 50KM up, no down pointing though
Okay now it's separated, more part clipping on the Lander with some LV-N's, they may be heavy enough to help your landing CG though
4676 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Low Lander TWR produces long Insertion burn to Munar SOI
3473 Dv remaining upon achieving Munar Orbit
Lander Tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point)
Lots of Dv left, (2437 Dv in fact), but the decent burns where really way too long, also the oddity of it burning the bottommost tanks fuel first made for a much worse CG than expected

Ughhhh getting tired again *yawn*

BSC - Psycix - Kerbal Xi

Nice looking Lander, the Angling should make it more stable and the legs are pushed out a bit by their mounting but the rest of the Lander is a tad tall
Basic full Asparagus design on the booster stage
Solar Panels looks good though no Batteries I notice
Typical acceleration for such a design, strong off the bad, slows down after boosters go, then speeds up at altitude
Burnout was impressively low however still only about 5th or 6th, but very good all the same
3155 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Lander TWR made the final half of the Munar SOI insertion burn and the Munar orbit burns slow
1942 Dv remaining upon reaching Munar orbit
By time of decent burns she'd burnt enough fuel that they where surprisingly short
Lander Tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point)

BSC - Pulsar - Impulse 3 - MMO

Got a could not load error due to missing parts (Strut Connector Heavy), will come back to this one, guessing I did get one of the dud RAR's

BSC - Rhomphaia - Kerbal 10b

Full Asparagus boosters with mainsail centre Nothing spectacularly new here, but that's probably a good sign all round
Plenty of batteries and Folding solar panels in evidence
Lander Looks high CG :(
Use of LTV 45's sub optimal, fins provide sufficient stability alongside SAS
Acceleration was OK though LTV 30's would have improved obviously, naturally becomes anemic after booster separation
Final burnout is good
2825 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Upper stage has surprisingly good acceleration
1626 Dv remaining upon reaching Munar orbit
Lander Tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point)
Only 589 Dv remaining in Tank's, that might get orbit again, but it won't make Kerbin

BSC - sgt_flyer - Kerbal Y

Ok I Already know you don't have legs, now to load her up and see what you do have...
Another tail cone engine placer user, I admit a cool construction technique
Full Asparagus here too
Lots of cosmetic paneling makes it hard to know what the upper stages look like
I do eye spy science, escape tower, and some nice strutting
Fold away Solars also present
Applying mechjeb...
Again typical Asparagus acceleration, good till boosters separate, then becoming Anemic before improving again with altitude
Interesting, LTV 30 + 4 48-7S's, would have made the shroud paneling jettison with it though, unneeded drag and weight
Poor burnout altitude and some nose down point required
2481 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Oh there's a separate stage to jettison the panels, might wanna stack that in with the engine
Munar SoI burn surprisingly good despite use of an LV 909 for part of it, not sure how Mun burns will work out
Mun periapsis burn noticeably long, not as bad as some, but still
1213 Dv remaining upon reaching Munar orbit
Let's see if she can even theoretically make it down on the engine
Lander Tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point)
You had 280 Dv left in the tanks so with a light touch a successful engine landing on a flat slope should work

BSC - Spartwo - CSM

Nice Huge Booster with the tail cone system in use again
Fold Out Solar's and RCS
Docking Port on top, not unexpected
No sign of the Lander from the picture?
Cosmetic Paneling hiding construction again
Some Fixed Solars too in case their needed
Ere we go, Ere we go, Ere we go...
Minor wobbling on the pad
Not sure you needed to use LTV 45's, Fins would have been lighter and given you better TWR
Acceleration still good though you don’t hit terminal till just before turn, then lose it again
Cute upper stage, though again I don't think an LTV 45 is needed, in fact I’m sure the 909's are gimbaled anyway for you
Burnout altitude was poor with noticeable down pointing required
1926 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit, I' impressed given how small this is now...
Cute Final stage, Lander still MIA
729 Dv remaining upon reaching Munar orbit, landing doubtful
Fuel ran out during de-orbit burn, Lander destroyed on impact, (Mission Failure at this point)

BSC - sploden - Kerbal 20X 20improved 2002

Pretty standard Mainsail based Booster Style Asparagus
Surprisingly stable looking Lander, experience suggests it won’t be enough but probably one of the better contenders
Basic Solar's, good, though no batteries in evidence
Hit's terminal dead easy though wobbles a lot
Booster separation finally drops below terminal
Burnout is high but acceptable as no down pointing required, right on the horizon in fact
4122 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
2925 Dv remaining upon reaching Munar orbit
Cute Lander engine design, TWR isn't totally horrible either
Braking altitude during decent burn not ideal, but not terrible either
Lander Tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point)
1719 Dv in tanks should be more than enough for return trip

BSC - vetrox - The _Ambitious_ mk 2

Lots of cosmetic Paneling makes understanding construction harder
Major Mainsail full Asparagus design, I’m expecting huge acceleration and Dv out of this one
Can't tell if you have Solar Panels so I added a few, (I used zoom to clip the view through the panels onto the pod), to keep mechjeb running
No idea on Legs
Wobbles and tears itself apart on pad
Removing clamps fixes this, Proceeding from there...
Acceleration not as spectacular as expected, solid, but never pegs terminal
Ohhh their Skippers son the boosters, (really bad at telling those and mainsails apart visually in case you can't tell, barely used the things)
Acceptable burnout altitude but nose well above the horizon the whole way
4813 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Very Slow to rotate during Munar Orbit burn's, created some issues, an extra SAS somewhere would help tremendously
The cosmetic Paneling stage really should be in with the Lower stage separation TBH
Lowers stage decoupler explodes on decouple
No Legs, though I’ve now found the panels you put on, nice
3614 Dv remaining upon reaching Munar orbit
With Legs this could easily land and return if it doesn’t tip
Lander Tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point)
You got down with 2384 Dv left in tanks, with legs a land and return is perfectly doable

BSC - Xeldrak - CROME

Interesting design Full RCS, Folding Solars, Science, I think that’s a shielded docking port on top and the landing stage already looks pretty good DV/TWR wise. Pity the legs are on the core rather than the engine pods, don’t think she'll stick the landing as is
Some odd dot thingies I can't identify in VAB
Lights, nice, can't seem to spot the batteries despite the high max charge, where you hidden them...
Major Asparagus Booster setup, looks like she'll have good Dv
Jeb, Jeb, Jeb, Jeb, Jeb...
Solid Acceleration, Pegs terminal no issues until first booster falls away
Acceptable burnout altitude, no nose down required
3463 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Ahh those dot things are the other type of RCS port, cool
2261 Dv remaining upon reaching Munar orbit
Lander Tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point)
You got down with 1096 Dv left in tanks, Orbit possible, not sure about return

BSC - XolotlLoki - Delta X

That’s a big booster you got there
Also looks like a big upper stage and Lander
Lander looks high CG
RTG power source, took a moment to spot, cute
Clamps in wrong stage, corrected on Launch pad
Massive acceleration, pegs terminal in moment's, no issues, best off pad to date
Lots of wobble
Lots or Roll issues, also massive Yawing during initial gravity turn
Went out of control during later half of final side along booster burn, mechjeb caught after they separated lack of any SAS an enormous issue
Acceptable burnout altitude
4380 Dv remaining upon reaching Kerbin orbit
Got a very weird nearly polar orbit at Mun
3203 Dv remaining upon reaching Munar orbit
Lander Tipped on Landing, (Mission Failure at this point)
She actually stayed mostly in one piece, slid undamaged to a stop with legs extended, I pulled them in and she promptly rolled some more losing one RTG, which after she stopped tumbled tumbleweed style down the slope past her

BSC - zekes - Sarah III

Let’s see if the beautiful Sarah can do what all other have failed to do shall we...
Loading into VAB...
Nice simple lower stage, looks lie it'll have good thrust/Dv
Ohh, another docker, interesting
Full RCS, cool
Solar's present and accounted for
Nice Low CG Lander, you might make it
Also tiny, so tiny, can I pet it, does it bite...
Clipped 1 man Pod's, you cheeky devil you
Interesting, fire Boosters then fire mainsail after they separate
Also interesting mounting, didn’t know they worked as decouplers
Surprisingly ok Liftoff and ascent, a littlie slow at first but picks up later
That Lander wobbles a lot...
Disintegrated at 50K altitude, careful watching of a second run shows it to be warping related, disabling Mechjeb autowarp
Excellent burnout altitude
Ok got her up with autowarp off no issues, however when I separated the orange tanks I was left in control of the tanks while the main section jetted away, also had to do that separation manually as mechjeb wouldn't auto stage it, investigating....
Issue appears to be cause by orange tank being construction starting point, unable to determine fix, (Mission Failure at this point)


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On 30/10/2016 at 1:10 PM, Program Kerbal Space said:

R.I.P never released versions of the game we would like to exploit


On 28/10/2016 at 8:43 AM, Scientia1423 said:

I don't think so lol. Anything pre-0.6.3 is lost to the underground.

 Have 0.6.0 on an old hard drive. 

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On 07/01/2017 at 0:28 AM, Carl said:

Another cute little docking port for your kerbanauts to pet and care for and feed whilst they undertake long journeys 
Note: Do not feed docking port fellow Kerbanauts who are not wearing spacesuits, may result in swelling of fellow Kerbanaut, hemorrhaging of fine blood vessels, boiling of the blood, sunburn, frostbite, and in extreme cases, death

Just looking through that stuff i posted earlier in more detail, think this is my favorite line. Don';t even remember writing it, so uh lulz.

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