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Unsatisfied with assuming control of the galaxy, I have assumed control of the entire blasted universe.

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Some of you may recall the galaxy simulation I was working on a while back. Since then I've made improvements to it and also created an in-browser infinite procedural universe.


The simulation uses 3D infinite Worley / Voronoi noise and a pseudorandom number generator (a la Minecraft) to produce an unlimited (other than engine limitations) number of procedural galaxies, laid out in a similar pattern to the large-scale structure of the real universe:

SJwZmiMl.png maxresdefault.jpg

Long story short, I just thought I ought to share this with my buddies on this forum and perhaps get some feedback. I'm not currently working on an "official" game involving this at the moment (too busy with other stuff), and I am aware that Space Engine exists, but hopefully this still counts as share-worthy.

LINK: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13276416/Unity/CellNoiseUniverseTestGL/index.html

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Does it simulates out of Friedmann equation ? Can it simulates a tiny patch of the Big Bang ?

No, you're not alone, especially on mobile. BB codes worked better.


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10 hours ago, YNM said:

Does it simulates out of Friedmann equation ? Can it simulates a tiny patch of the Big Bang ?


1. Yes, in practice, although the equation per se isn't in the code anywhere. The universe, as you'll find if you fly far enough, is homogeneous on the very large scale in accordance with the Cosmological Principle.

2. No. At least not yet. I considered trying to animate the galaxy sprites expanding outward from a central point, but as there are tens of thousands of them, it would be difficult to process them all while maintaining a halfway decent framerate. There's also a rendering bottleneck that occurs when too many sprites appear on top of each other or take up a lot of screen space, both of which are bound to happen if I tried simulating a big bang. I might look into it though, next time I'm bored and have some time to kill ;)

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^ Yes, I might indeed. Props for noticing what was going on.
The galaxies are layered particle systems controlled by a script of my own design, which shapes and animates them based on density wave theory. There's two systems for clouds (one for big clouds and one for small) and one for stars in each galaxy.
More information can be found in this imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/NCEdI

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