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[WIP] 3.75 m Command Pod

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Hey There,

Today I want to introduce my first work I made for KSP; Right now i have modelled an 3.75 m Command Pod and a fitting Planetary Lander. The Next Step on the road is to create Textures and so on. Hopefully an IVA, too.

So here´s my Falcon Command Pod and SM with according Sparrow Planetary Lander, proudly manufactured by Kerbotek Aeronautics. 


Please feel free to criticise it or suggest improvements. ;)

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9 hours ago, theJesuit said:

Looks good.

Do you have source inspiration or is your concept?

How will the iva look? With windows symterically opposite it looks that they aren't forward facing? 


It's my own concept, though it was influenced by both Apollo and Orion concepts. For example the way the Lander is docked to the CSM. Only the Lander's Windows are symmetrical. The CM's are forward facing. IVA is in progress.Dont knoe yet.

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Mistook the top down view as the CM not the lander.  My mistake!

As an idea, why not make the lander a muffin top and extend over the lip of the leg (and fuel tank I guess) section? That would give the possibility of a window to look down from when landing.  It wouldn't have to extend beyond the width of the landing legs.

Or as a thought, make grooves in the tank for the legs to sit in before deployment.  Another groove could allow for the downward window.


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2 hours ago, Cheesecake said:

Did you see how old this thread is and that this User visited the forum lastly in february 2016?

Actually, this user got an email notification from the activity in this thread :D Unfortunately I couldn´t continue with the project and most likely never will resume doing anything with this. I have enjoyed KSP countless hours, but times arrow marches on, and I´ve stopped gaming altogether since I´m occupied otherwise most of the time. Btw, I can´t even see the images I´ve posted here, so how can you @Platan judge this unfinished work ? Just kidding, farewell KSP.

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