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Get your Kerbal Stuff mods here! [Owners only!]

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OyV9N3p.png Is no longer with us.


I'm still downloading the torrent, but I'm working on getting individual mods out there upon request buy the OWNER.  I do not intend to violate any licenses, so you have to be the owner.  

What do I need this for?

  • Older versions
  • Deleted files
  • Getting a copy of it so it can be released if you're away from your computer with the files for it

Please give me proof that you're the owner, and I'll give you a download link via private message.  If you simply want a mod that's only on Kerbal Stuff, sorry, you're out of luck, you'll need to get the torrent.  I can't really help that, because it's a licensing thing.

At the time of this last edit, we are 37% into the download.



We don't need this anymore.  Go here:


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3 hours ago, Hikari_or_whatever said:

Kerbalstuff isn't reachable for me, cant get the torrent. Can anyone reupload it to somewhere?

It was only available for a little while. 

I don't think I have it anymore

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The torrent was technically causing users to violate the licenses of mods that forbid redistribution. We gave it a pass for a while due to the abrupt way in which kerbalstuff was shut down, but now there has been ample time for modders to find other hosts so it wouldn't be welcome now. 

Closing this thread.

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