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Destroy a Space Mission

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You get confused as to which way Kerbin is heading, and instead eject Kerbin-prograde.
Your probe is now going to drift endlessly in the totally empty space between Duna and Jool.

I design a multi-part mission to put self-sufficient colonies on every body of the Kerbol system.

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Instead of landing on Kerbin like they were supposed to, the plane goes prograde, gets a gravity assist from the Mun, and runs out of fuel, stranding it in Kerbolar orbit.

I send a sounding rocket to collect pressure data from the tropopause.

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"Hmm... quiet day in WarThunder... I don't see any enemy pilots within range... Oh wait what's that thing launching up from the ground? Looks like a V2, KILL IT WITH FIRE KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!"


I send a Craft to move a Space Station from Low Munar Orbit to become a module of a larger station in Low Kerbin Orbit.

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Apparently the asteroid was going to be the kraken's breakfast. Now your its breakfast.


i send 23 ships to Dres. (Yes my Dres flotilla is increasing. I have a year to the transfer window so why not get more stuff?)

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