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The game currently supports 1-way mirror symmetry.  I would like to see support added for 2-way and possibly 4-way mirror symmetry.  I feel like this would greatly simplify building of both spaceplanes and rockets.  


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I get this (I think).  Radial symmetry rotates copies of the original around the 'core', while what the OP suggests would flip their orientation too.

It's easier to see with deployed landing gear.  With radial symmetry the wheels all point around the core in the same, clockwise or anticlockwise, direction that the original points in.  What the OP suggests is multiple mirror 'planes' rather than just the one mirror we currently have, so with the same landing gear mirrored twice you would get 3 copies of it, one pointing the same way as the original and two more pointing the opposite way.

Neat idea, I could see it coming in handy actually.

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