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[Request] RSS Terraformed Moon?


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Moonseed spoilers below!


At the end of the book the Moon gets terraformed so that it has a significant oxygen-rich atmosphere. According to the book the MSL pressure is high enough to go without a pressure suit and too low to get enough oxygen without a mask. I think it said about 1/6th our own. Not sure about height though, I would assume you get to the 0.5% pressure mark at around, let's say 50 km? 60? 

This is something that would be really interesting to play around with me thinks. Think of it: SSTO spaceplanes from the Moon would be super easy with RO. I wonder what aircraft would be best for the low gravity...

Would somebody be willing to whip up a Kopernicus patch? Or if I can do it myself could somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

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