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[STOCK] Truck KSh C-25T

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So this is my first truck that I have ever made in KSP and I think that it turned out pretty good so I decided to share it with you guys. There isn't really anything special to say about it other than other than that it have functional curtains.


Although it is finished I plan to improve it in the future. Planned features are: turning lights, more details and a working suspension. 


Download link:


*Important* You should be very careful when turning when driving faster than 15m/s because it may topple over. 


Well that`s all I wanted to say so enjoy and leave feedback. :)

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59 minutes ago, Jon144 said:

I really like this truck! Reminds me of Euro Truck Sim. It's really detailed!

It also has a really strong parking brake!

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Thanks! And hahaha, I didn`t know that I set the brake torque so high :confused: I love that screenshot! :D

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