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Active/Archived contracts not showing [1.0.5][Windows]



Yes i know there are other threads on this, however they all seem to be dead. For the record, i had this issue back in 0.90, but it was mod-related, while this is a relatively clean install.
The only mod i used was FMRS, but the plugin was deactivated for the entire session where the issue occurred, so i doubt it was the cause.
The save was made only a few days ago, and nothing i can think of has changed that might have caused this.

Basically what it says on the tin. I started 4(3 sets of 2, and 1 set of four) tourist contracts for visits to LKO, and launched several two-kerbal ships, however after landing them all, and heading to the tracking station to recover, i noticed that the contracts had disappeared. The contracts where definitely there when i started.
I loaded the quick-save i made before de-orbiting any of the capsules, but the problem was still present.

I looked at the save file using a text editor, and all of the contracts are still present, but do not appear in-game.
This gives me some hope that i can salvage this situation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as i sunk a lot of funds into these missions hoping for a big payout

My persistent file, with ships still in orbit, and contracts that exist but do not appear:

Log file:

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