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[1.8.1] Hangar Grid: Zero deviation [v0.4.0.181] (2019 Nov, 18)


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On 7/8/2019 at 3:56 AM, Aeroboi said:

I believe it's "T" on the keyboard.

You can also click the offset icon in the top left corner and it will change offset between local and absolute shown on the icon.

And just by clicking that button it alignes stuff?

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Getting an error:

[LOG 21:36:25.200] Load(Texture): HangarGrid/textures/toolbarbutton
[WRN 21:36:25.206] Texture resolution is not valid for compression: 'D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\HangarGrid\textures\toolbarbutton.png' - consider changing the image's width and height to enable compression

[LOG 22:49:30.009] [AddonLoader]: Instantiating addon 'HangarGrid' from assembly 'HangarGrid'
[LOG 22:49:30.236] ScaleModList: listSize 1107 maxListSize 1713

[LOG 23:10:44.052] [AddonLoader]: Instantiating addon 'HangarGrid' from assembly 'HangarGrid'
[LOG 23:10:44.058] ScaleModList: listSize 1107 maxListSize 1713

[LOG 00:42:34.505] [AddonLoader]: Instantiating addon 'HangarGrid' from assembly 'HangarGrid'
[LOG 00:42:34.511] ScaleModList: listSize 1968 maxListSize 712

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8 hours ago, KIMCHI said:

Perfect! Thanks! Ive been going through my mods and KSP logs just making sure everything is good.

Ahh... yeah, i do that alot, since i dabble with editing mods.
FYI, anytime you see this warning:
` Texture resolution is not valid for compression: `
That just means the dimensions of the named texture are not in power of two, which Unity prefers. These textures that are NOT in power of two, are still loaded and used, but I guess it takes a workaround and a little moar processing power for Unity to load them up and use them. (I'm sure I'm not explaining that very well...)

Also, I notice 90% of these warnings are on toolbar button textures... idk if it was something Squad did in the beginning, or, ...vOv ... but most devs make their stock toolbar icons 36 x 36px.... which is NOT a power of two... closest is 32 x 32px ... so most of these warnings you will see are toolbar icons.

If these bug you, (like me), you can try resizing the textures, (usually they turn out crappy, since they are so small), or maybe log an issue/notify the mode dev of it... but most will likely ignore these reports. Especially with toolbar buttons.

Also, most of the time, warnings [WRN] in the logs, is just that... a warning something may not be quite right, but usually can be ignored, and is not usually game killing, or even noticable in-game...
[ERR]/[ERROR] are another matter...

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