[1.1.3] B737 MK3 Cockpit Interior with working systems, buttons and displays

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4 hours ago, TacoMousatchios said:

My newest creation with this mod! A repica of the Airbus A319.

This thing flies lake an absolute beauty. Let me know what you think of it! :cool:

Not bad!

I have actually been working on a Airbus cockpit in MAS but have been stumped by bugs. When MAS comes out, I'll remake the Boeing 737 then start on the A320. I might even do an A310

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Wow, this is....


I mean, I've wanted something like this since KSP came out, except I was kinda afraid to ask as "Plz make a realistic airliner cockpit with a clickable VC and etc. etc." sounds a bit... entitled?

But thanks anyways, haven't tried the mod out yet, but I love it already!

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Unfortunately it doesn't look like MAS will be coming out any time soon so my plan on remaking this in MAS and working on the Airbus cockpit has gone down the toilet.

So i will be focusing more on just completing the RPM version of the 737... but RPM is now in a maintainence phase so no new features will be coming out for the foreseeable future. 

AND... quite a few mods I use are no longer supported and I've had to use hidden dev versions/replacement files to make them work again. Also there was a new release of ASET props and I need to remake everything to use the props from the ASET folder. 

But I will have a long free period soon so I should be able to get cracking with it.

Hope you all understand. :)

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Someone needs to update this! This is simply too amazing to go to waste.

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