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Mechjeb Ascent Guidance - Heading wrong by roughly 90 degrees


Hey guys,


Since yesterday I have been having issues with my KSP installation.


First of all, I play RealismOverhaul, Real Solar System, Realistic Progression Zero, RemoteTech, and some other mods.
(about 43 in total)


The problem started yesterday, and was caused by, or at least coincided with, me installing the newest
RealismOverhaul-Master from Github.

When I use Mechjeb's auto-ascent to launch from Kourou (you know, the equatorial South-American base) into the Moon's plane, MJ rolls the rocket (even though 'Force Roll' is disabled) after launch, and then proceeds to launch polar.


Mechjeb's Auto-Ascent window shows the Moon's inclination (28.xxx degrees), and the launch is timed perfectly for the lunar plane, however Mechjeb is about 90 degrees off when it comes to the heading, and proceeds to perform a perfectly normal launch - only into a polar orbit, instead of one with the inclination of the Moon.


Mechjeb's ascent is configured like this:

Orbit: 99999km
Turn Start Velocity: 80m/s
Turn End Altitude: 140km
Ascent profile: 45%

Before launch, I go into map-view, select the Moon as target, then select 'Launch into Target plane' in Mechjeb.


The weirdest thing? This works perfectly when launching from KSC. It also works fine from Kourou when I am trying in Sandbox mode. Only when I launch in Career mode from Kourou, does this faulty behavior show.


This is in Kubuntu 14.04, x64. i7 4790k, 16 GB RAM, starting the 64-bit version via launch script.


Here is the link to my player.log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3akiwqgudbp2eos/Player.log?dl=1
This is the link to the craft I am using: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hqldj3xn38akuxd/LunSat%20I.craft?dl=1

It is a bit overpowered, because it is supposed to do: a) Lunar Flyby b) Lunar Orbit c) specific Lunar polar orbit d) second specific Lunar orbit and e) impact on the surface.

I am sure I am doing something wrong somewhere (PEBKAC), and that it's not some bug.

I have completely removed the KSP folder, performed a fresh install, made several copies of the folder to try different methods to troubleshoot this, but frankly, I am at a loss..


Thanks all for any help you can provide!




EDIT: I was informed that it's better to post in the dedicated Mechjeb support thread, so that's what I am going to do.


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Mechjeb does not work correctly for the launch to orbit inclination, nor does it for the launch to RDV. Sarbian said he needed to look into the code.

Your best bet to align your orbit with the moon, is to launch due East (0°) at 4h30 AM on day one from Florida and when the ascent module has set his Apoapsis, skip its circularization. Use the Manoeuvre Planner to do it. (Otherwise, the Ascent Module will try to make a equatorial orbit...)

It's a bit annoying but necessary. Once this orbit is set, it is quite easier to eyeball the next launches (from Kourou for instance).

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