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2 RO/RP-0 Questions (Calendar issues/part pruning)

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Hello, I'm a couple years into my RO/RP-0 career mode, but a couple things are bugging me.


Question 1:

How do I sync up all the calendars to Earth time? I found the setting in KAC to do this, but KCT, contracts, and (assuming, as I haven't ventured far from LEO yet) maneuver node estimated times are in Kerbin days, not Earth days. I didn't see any settings in KCT to change the calendar type like in KAC, nor could I find anything to make sure contracts and travel times are using the same calendar. Also, I haven't done much in the way of crewed missions yet, but I'm assuming I'll need to make TAC-LS report times to me in Earth time too. Is there a cfg I need to edit to do this? The main thing is getting KCT to report times to me in Earth days, as well as contract expiration dates. If I make alarms in KAC to do it, it reports them correctly, but I hate having my alarm queue that cluttered as I like to mainly use it for transfer windows and, when I get far enough, SOI changes.


Question 2:

I've noticed a lot of parts in the mods I've added don't have are labeled 'non-RP-0'. I've been making notes of these parts and manually pruning them as I discover them in the tech tree. Is there an easier way (ie a script) that will just look through all the parts folders and prune anything that's non-RP-0?


Oh! and bonus question:

While I'm getting used to MJ, is there any reason I can't use KER for readouts? I really prefer their HUD displays over the semi-transparent windows in MJ. I have yet to use autopilot, and when I do, I'll probably use kOS.

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@pearldrumbum welcome to RO/RP-0! :)

1. The setting for day length is in KSP's Main Menu -> Settings.

2, That's not easy to automate, because many parts share textures, and SXT parts rely on the textures of various stock parts. So pruning an unused part might break others. It's trivial to get them to not show up ingame, but that doesn't save any RAM. Which do you need?

3. You can use whatever info and autopilot mods you like! Just be warned, some mods might not be "RO-aware" as it were. I works closely with @sarbian (by which I mean, I give him lots to do :P ) and MJ does tend to best support the bits RO relies on. For example, KER doesn't understand 1.0.5's new crossfeed features, which doesn't much matter in stock but does for RO (where those features are enabled.

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1. Thanks, I knew it had to be easy. Don't know why I never looked there. Guess I assumed the game's stock settings wouldn't know about a 24 hour day.

2. I mostly just want to clean up my parts menu. I hate having to look through hundreds of parts when I don't use them all, and I'm using RP-0 approved parts exclusively in this save.

3. That's good info, thanks. The issue you used as an example gives me the idea that KER may not calculate dV stats correctly? Is it safe/accurate to use for basic info like orbital readouts (ap, pe, inclination, etc), relative orbit info for rendezvous, real-time vessel stats (TWR, G forces, burn times)? I guess I can live with one or two MJ windows open (I've grown quite fond of Smart A.S.S.) as long as I can still rely on KER for some of the basic stuff that I like to have open at all times with the far less intrusive HUD readouts.

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Orbital readouts from KER will be correct, but delta V if you depend on surface-attachment (i.e. srf-attach a proc part to another proc part, and both contain propellants your engine uses) will not be correct.

Regarding 2, that's very simple then!

Replace your existing RP-0/NonRP0.cfg file with this one:

Then create a folder in KSP/GameData

call the folder NoNonRP0

start the game, and magically the parts are hidden! If you ever want to see them again, delete the folder! You may also need to delete your ModuleManager.ConfigCache after deleting the folder.


This will be in the next RP-0, btw.

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