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RoveMate Navball Orientation (again)

Gordon Fecyk


I see this question's been asked a few times. Maybe there's a better solution.

I built a RoveMate rover and service bay using Scott Manley's approach successfully. I even managed to cram four ruggedized wheels and four large batteries on its undercarriage, and I can drive the thing with success on Kerbin and expected success (as in severe traction problems) on Minmus. :D Now I have the wacky staring-into-space-backwards orientation to deal with, which I've read many posts on so far.

I can imagine a real world compass sitting on top of the thing and that's what the navball resembles at that point, but I don't get why I can't somehow flip or rotate the navball orientation horizontally. I have to drive the thing either backwards (inverting the navigation keys) or 'away' from my intended direction. Even mounting everything upside-down just has it staring into the ground instead of into space, with the same backward orientation.

There isn't enough room to cram another probe body on the front; even the smallest cube still clips through the service bay door. I can't exactly drive it on its nose without somehow landing the service bay on its edge suspended above ground.

Perhaps it's enough to invert the rover forward - backward controls and then toggle the wheels to drive inverted?


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8 hours ago, Reactordrone said:

My usual approach is to attach a jnr. docking port to the front end and click control from here on it after landing. No idea whether that will fit within your bay though.

It did fit... Nice idea!

This was the end result.


Edited by Gordon Fecyk
Added video link to successful fix.
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