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[1.0.5][BDA] Tycho Orbital Shipyards weaponry


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Hereby I proudly present you my first mod - a Point Defence Cannon as seen on MCRN Tachi space corvette in The Expanse TV series.

Point defence cannon is essentially a space CIWS. So far I have only fixed model that is just raised on its mount when activated. But I plan to add the one that will retract into special bay eventually, just like the ones in the series.

The nicest feature is the inbuilt tracking-only radar with RPM camera built in. If you have Raster Prop Monitor installed then you'll be able to watch your target on MFD screen as the radar tracks it. :P 


Download from Spacedock: http://spacedock.info/mod/327/Tycho%20Orbital%20Shipyards%20weaponry


Suggestions are welcome :P

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1 hour ago, SpannerMonkey(smce) said:

Hi, nice turret for a first mod.  When you set it up make sure the deploy animation well isolated from the yaw and pitch transforms, , things can get pretty miserable if they start messing with each other. And of course welcome to the Kerbal Arms race :cool:

Well, I'm not new to modding :P THis was my first ever exported model but I'm fairly familiar with modeling. For example, I've made Serenity :D
Not the best render of that model but this was the best I've found:

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On 03/01/2017 at 9:25 PM, sashan said:

Anyone tested this in newer KSP and BDA versions? I don't have KSP installed currently but I wanted to update the mod's page on Spacedock.

Hi There are some new cfg values that need to be added in order for the turret to function to it's best potential, without them it will receive the default values and that is not what you want for a space cannon

10 hours ago, Kombat engineer said:

It should work may need recompiling.

Hi, parts mods don't ever need recompiling as they have no code as such, many times parts mods can go unchanged for many versions , plugins on the other hand do usually require a recompile to pick up the latest references when KSP updates

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1 minute ago, sashan said:

Also, is space targeting in BDA fixed?


It's not even a thing. The modern BDA is concerned with planet bound and atmospheric combat. I'm also not aware of any moves by the team to make Space combat a thing or repair/create the space missile system, as it was never fully developed and will simply not function in a the current code environment of KSP. Could be wrong, but don't think I am

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Well, space combat is hard. BDA would probably have to reference something like MechJeb's orbit solver or have its own code that does similar job. Not to mention that maneuvering missiles would be even harder.
Last time I tried it guns weren't able to hit craft that was travelling parallel to me at the same velocity, at 200m separation. :( 

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