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In-game kOs script editor (and maybe multi-purpose text editor!)



This thing now focuses on being not only a text editor (for kOS and wathever you want), but a full emulated computer system which runs on its own bytecode!


As of now nothing playable is done, this is, for now, a planning thread!


Prototype: (Font is final, syntax and UI are not)

Shows how nice the monospace font and a 4bit pallete work together ;)




- Nice editor with international keyboard support

- File loader and/or kOS hook (you call edit and the editor pops up)

- Syntax highlighting for .ks files

- Auto-completion?

- Auto-factoring (Placing the { } when you write ifs and stuff)?

- ¿¿¿¡¡¡ Stand-alone display for kOS !!!??? {

The drawing api seems nice, and allows for individual pixel setting which could allow epic-ui designs ;)

(Also, kOS needs some way to handle input)




- Getting a Unity Window to display a texture (in Window.cs) [0%]

- Building a texture out of pixels [100%]

- Building a pixel array out of a char array [100%]

- Building a char array out of a string and scrolling [0%]


Github: https://github.com/tatjam/KosEditor/tree/master/KosEditor


Collaboration is welcome!

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Wow this is going to be so cool, what language is this coded in? This also unlocks the possibility for other languages to be converted to Kerboscript

Also I can offer my services for pixel art for the thing :D I have already worked with models/streamers for sprites in this and other games

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Uh oh, am i the only one interested in writting a full emulator? With custom bytecode and stuff?

Kind of low-level kOs...


Awaiting to see your terminal design! It would be nice if you used only 16 colors, to get a better retro-feeling, but feel free to use as many colours as you want


Well, will think about it!


EDIT: For now will work on the editor, and once completed will also work as a compiler for the future emulator assembly :)


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I'm an 8bit sprinter so I do retro-ish art I can post some other art I've done and the terminal revamp stage one

This is the terminal revamp v.01


This is one of my greater images from teen titans:


And this is a Profile pic I made for stream NotGrnTea:


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Also, now making the font, it is the IBM codepage 437, contains almost every character you may use, and it allows you to play Dwarf Fortress :P

Here is the font:



Yes, the monitor will either be nothing, or a monitor sprite, kind of an old cathode monitor!

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You will be able to fit 70x70 characters in the editor window, but there can be up to 76 characters, starting at 4 and ending at 760


Edit: The font is 10x10

Ooops, will rescale the thing to 760x760 breaking everything i said before!!!



- 10x10 font

- 76x76 characters

- 70x70 inner characters

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1 minute ago, Riderfighter said:

Ok this is cool since it is a plugin could there be compatibility for other languages?

Well, after all, all the language there is are the instructions at the bottom of the window!

Utf characters, such as japanese or chinese, sadly, cannot be supported with the codepage 437, it allows for latin characters (including ê è, etc...), but not any oriental characters

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