The Jeb's Junkyard Challenge

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The above picture is a flag that you can use in-game

After getting home from a mission one day, Jebediah Kerman took a good close look at his rockets, and a good close look at his Junkyard's profits. While the rockets were getting bigger, the Junkyard profits were going down. Jeb had to figure out something that he could do to get more money for his junkyard, but he also didn't want to let the space program fall back to tiny little LKO and Minmus missions instead of the grander goals of deep space.


He had a plan. He took Wernher and Gene out to get some [Apple Juice] at the Valentina Kerman Bar, Grill, and Spaceplane Parts Redistribution Inc. He convinced them to sever their ties to Kerbodyne, C7 Aerospace, and Rockomax. The Kerbal Space Program was now Jeb's Junkyard and Space Program. Jebediah, now both the head administrator of the space program, main pilot astronaut, and primary parts distributor, was now very busy. He had to look into the skies for the next goal of the space program.


The Challenge

Easy Mode: Land a Kerbal on the Mun and have him/her return safely to Kerbin, using only the allowed parts.

Slightly Less Easy Mode: Land three Kerbals on the Mun and have them return safely to Kerbin, using only the allowed parts.

Normal Mode: Land a Kerbal on Duna and have him/her return safely to Kerbin, using only the allowed parts.

Hard Mode: Redirect a Class B or C asteroid into a stable Kerbin Orbit, using only the allowed parts. A Kerbal must visit the asteroid and take a sample for this to count.

Super Mode: Land a Kerbal on Tylo and return him/her safely to Kerbin using only the allowed parts
(or impress me)


The Allowed Parts

  • Anything manufactured by Jebediah Kerman's Junkyard and Spaceship Parts Co. is allowed.
  • Anything manufactured by O.M.B. Demolition Enterprises is allowed.
  • The Clamp-O-Tron and Clamp-O-Tron Jr.  are both allowed.
  • The Advanced Grabbing Unit is allowed.
  • The Mk16 Parachute, Mk2-R Radial-Mount Parachute, and the Mk12-R Radial-Mount Drogue Chute are allowed.
  • The Mk1 Command Pod is allowed.
  • The Mk1 Cockpit and Mk1 Inline Cockpit are allowed.
  • The Mk2 Lander Can is allowed.
  • The EAS-1 External Command Seat is allowed.
  • All Probe Cores by Probodobodyne are allowed, but NOT the engines, fuel tanks, and the Size-2 Remote Guidance Unit (the Size-1 RGU is fine though).
  • All parts by the STEADLER Engineering Corps are allowed.
  • The Stratus-V Roundified Monopropellant Tank, Stratus-V Cylindrified Monopropellant Tank, and the Vernor Engine are allowed.
  • All Parts in the science tab are allowed.
  • All parts by Zaltronic Electronics are allowed
  • All power generation parts by Probodobodyne Inc are allowed.
  • All Wing Surfaces, controlled or uncontrolled, are allowed.
  • All Ladder Parts are allowed.
  • All Nosecones and Fairings are allowed.
  • Fuel Lines and Strut Connectors are allowed.
  • The LT-05 Micro Landing Strut, the LT-1 Landing Strut and the LT-2 Landing Strut are allowed.


My Attempt

Always remember your heatshields, kids.

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2 hours ago, Racescort666 said:

Any particular reason sepatrons are not allowed?

Jeb didn't make them and they are a staged rocket thrust part.

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Looks fun, I'll have to set up a filter or something to weed out parts.  KER and beauty mods acceptable?

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So I'll have a bite, although in hindsight, I'm not sure if my interpretation of Airbrakes as a controlled wing surface is allowable? I arrived at Duna with far too much excess ∆V. Still always better to have way too much ∆V than not enough.

So here's the Junkyard Dreams, it took Bill all the way from Kerbin to Duna, and back. All in the comfort of a Mk1 Capsule. I guess I should have had him do some more flybys with the extra ∆V. But I didn't. Craft file available on First picutre isn't representative of final launcher... I didn't take a VAB shot of the successful one. It basically has three of the shuttle wing strakes per booster stack to help keep the pointy end the right way during ascent. In hindsight, I should have rotated the booster stacks so that the lifting surfaces could have worked better. But, I didn't.




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Prepare to be impressed, Jeb's Tylo mission is scheduled for launch, tomorrow. 

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I'm thinking of taking a crack at Tylo but to avoid a massively asparagused launch vehicle I'm thinking of using two or three launches to assemble a single vehicle bound for Tylo.

The rules don't mention anything about an entry having to be a single launch but I thought I should ask.

So multiple launches with in orbit assembly... yay or nay?

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