The number of space and science professionals who love KSP continues to blow me away. In a sort of good way... as opposed to a "green smear on the VAB" sort of way.   Tory Bruno (CEO of United Launch Alliance) will be appearing on our KSA Twitch stream. As in, the CEO of ULA... like, "Delta/Atlas Rocket Launch in the Real World ULA".   Info: What: KSP Livestream w/ Tory Bruno Why: Exploring ULA's future tech plans in KSP When: Tuesday March 8th, at 9 PM EST (9 Mar, 2 AM UTC) Where: We'll be talking about Vulcan, ACES, and ULA's CisLunar-1000 initiative... while we build them in KSP and use them to perform missions. I've already spent the last couple of weeks on the show creating a new KSP career and building up to the "advanced"/extensible upper stage tech level... so I've got a save with a lot of craft in play I'll be showing off to Mr Bruno, while we compare our KSP creations to what ULA is working on in the real world.   During the show, we'll do a viewer Q&A with Mr Bruno, and as always, would love to have a strong showing from the KSP community. Explosions aside, we want to show the aerospace industry that KSP is more than just a video game.