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Video Wednesday: 2.9 ton rocket to Gilly and back!


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..........................I could fill in the missing text, but Id be banned from the forum! Simply put, I found that video amazing. Jaw-dropping. If I were to play KSP everyday for the next thousand years I could never be that good.

Im, well, still amazed. .........

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9 hours ago, KerbonautInTraining said:

Turbo pumped has also done a single stage to Moho and back...

If we're focusing on insane missions, there's a guy that did a grand tour (including eve & tylo) using a 25t ship. Perhaps that could be next week's video? 

Not trying to discredit anyone btw

There's also a guy that made a grand tour with only a jetpack

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22 minutes ago, JAFO said:

10 years, 45 days, according to the MET in the vid.

Ah, okay. Just re-watched. Yeah, you can just barely catch it at the end of the video. I don't think I could ever muster up the patience for that, (even if I had the piloting ability)

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