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I think KSP should get a mod that adds GPS satellite parts so that GPS satellites can be launched and be used to determine a player’s position anywhere based on data in a GPS constellation (GEO and MEO; similar to real life). This suggestion is mostly based on the Figaro GPS mod, which added GPS parts and functionality, but it hasn’t been updated for a long time. Personally I would like Squad to implement this in game, but if other modders are interested it would be greatly appreciated.

What are your opinions and/or suggestions on this idea? You can post them below.

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Well... I think that in order for this to work in the game, the game would have to not show or tell you your exact positions in the first place. From the Tracking Station or even just map view, you can find your exact coordinates and see where you are in relation to everything even better than human GPS systems.

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Just because Figaro KerbalGPS has not had a recent update, doesnt mean it doesnt work...it definately worx in all 1.0.x versions, including 1.0.5... :)

And as to GPS in KSP, sadly, there doesnt seem to be much interest in it...

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