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(1.0.5) Science! Mod (0.2.1 Pre-Beta) "Abacus"


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  1. 1. What would you like to see in the mod?

    • More sciency things!
    • Custom Meshes/Textures
    • Rover science!
    • Other

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License: https://opensource.org/licenses/AFL-3.0

Disclaimer: Right now though it's in Pre-Alpha, soo... there's nothing much in this mod, sorry ;.;!

Our new mod allows you to get more science on either "Science" Mode or "Career" Mode!

All of the parts in the mod have different functionality so if you are bored with the Science Jr. let's say, you will have more parts to play around with!


Parts already added:

Volcano Examinator

Small Ion Engine

Download Link(s):




Edit: I will hopefully get a new update by around Saturday or Monday, hopefully.

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2 minutes ago, Red Iron Crown said:

Hi ForumUser, and thanks for sharing. Could you please add a copy of your license to the download package (i.e. in the zip file itself)? It's a requirement for posting mods here.

Yes I will.

I've added a License Document, now we wait for curse to approve it!

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14 hours ago, Sequinox said:

Could we get other mirrors?(eg: SpaceDock, GitHub)

I'm in the process of doing that! :P

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