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Is Jool made of Pea Soup?


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On 3/14/2016 at 1:27 PM, Frank_G said:

Jool is a dark entity of greenish matter, probably consisting of souls of poor Kerbals, that were senselessly sacrificed in hasted launches and crappy designed rocket thingies. That explains its green clouds... err... or maybe pea soup is true after all...

M.jool = M.0 + 50kg*(# MIA Kerbals)

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I think of it like this...

Moho is a mix of orange and chocolate flavored ice cream (not saying it tastes good, I've tried it today, just out of curiosity, WORST food I have ever put into my mouth hole).

Eve is grape flavored ice cream

Kerbin is a mix of Lime and Blue Raspberry ice cream.

  • Mun is a mix of all flavors (Yick!!! Gray Muck.:P)


  • Minmus is mint ice cream flavored.

Dres is dark chocolate flavored with a little bit of cookies 'n cream!!

Duna is orange flavored ice cream

  • Ike is the same flavor as Mun and Dres

Jool is lime flavored

Eeloo is cookies 'n cream.

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11 hours ago, KerbonautInTraining said:

So that's why ships blow up with no warning.... they stray into the hypersonic-pea-layer and get bombarded with what are essentially meteorites. 

So that explains the last words transmitted by Dave Kerman at the end of that ill-fated odyssey to Jool...

"My Kod... it's full of peas!"  

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