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I have something a bit different in mind.

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I want to make a movie. But, before you holler that this is the wrong thread, let me explain. I want to use stock scenes and parts and Kerbals using Unity 5.3.3. so I can puppeteer. I'm not sure how to access those files. And after seeing some of the mods, I think I would like to add some enhanced scenes, such as skyboxs and terrains.

SO, now the real reason I'm here.

If, you care to help, I am looking for people to create scenes and Kerbals.

Kerbals: Male and female: street clothes: work clothes ( security, wait staff, office, lab techs): Kerbals must have pivot points at neck, shoulders, elbows, knees and waist. Faces: eyes and mouth must be adjustable.

Scenes:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               School room with student desks and real chairs. News room for 2 TV anchors (KNN - Kerbal News Network or KAN - Kerbal Actin News something catchy). Mission control room. Communication room, Conference room, House living room and kitchen x 3 maybe more, Restaurant, (Recreate a section of the outside of VAB, R&D and Mission control (unless I can figure out how to load From KSP)), graveyard. may add more if you folks have a idea for a scene.

Deep space station interior, planet or moon base interior, surface of a planet or moon next to an easter egg from outer ring.


if you have ever watched this:

then you have an idea of what I am trying to do.   

SO? Are you interested in helping?

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