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[0.17] Flags with Multiple texture options + Make your own flag (v1.3.1)

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Oh I did :D But it uses so many mods that it\'s a huge bother to try and figure out which ones. I suppose I COULD design a stock lifter to go with this, but where\'s the fun of that ;D

I too have quite a lot of mods. So i probably have them all. :)

Anyhow, any progress on the new update?

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No idea on how the author of the mod is doing on this, but here\'s something I whipped up today that should help with custom flags.

It\'s a quick and dirty texture maker. It has two buttons, one loads an image of a flag, the other generates the texture and asks where you want to save it. It does all the necessary rotation, you just need to supply the flag image.

The load SHOULD automagically look in your pictures folder, and the texture generation SHOULD default to wherever you put the exe so I\'d suggest opening the archive and putting the exe file in your KSP folder.

It\'s windows only unfortunately, I\'m starting to learn how to program for OSX, but that\'s a ways off lol

I\'m not responsible for you overwriting any textures so make sure you save them where you want them.

Happy flagging!

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So, as a test of the program I just posted, I made a new flag. It\'s blatantly stealing from another fiction (and you get one guess from which one) but considering the Kerbals ways of doing things, I thought it was appropriate.

And what\'s that in the distance? I landed by a monolith :D

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Well technically it was MartinVD who necroposted, though this is barely over a month old, how about starting a fresh thread in General where people can show their flags on the new planets Sbowyer28?

Just link back to this thread so people can get the add-on :)

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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